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Character Form

Quick Links

Valid Approvers

  • Administrators [Administrators]

  • Approvers [Approvers]

Minimum Requirements

  • Use the notation (CHARACTER NAME) - (GODLY PARENT) for the topic title. If the form is incomplete, please add [WIP] to the beginning of it.

  • Completely filled out form.

  • Usage of good grammar and spelling

  • Minimum of three personality flaws. Wounds and injuries do not count.

  • Minimum of five sentences for both Life Before CHB/CJ and RP Example sections. (RP Example may be skipped if user has at least 3 approved characters with minimal problems with this section AND been on the site for at least 2 months.)

  • Limits for powers(if applicable); abilities and powers must relate to godly parent/ancestor.

  • Must be between the ages of four and nineteen --> Camp mentors can be applied for if pre-existing character has reached the age of nineteen.

  • Must be anatomically human (e.g. no tails, wings, horns, etc.)

  • Characters over the age of thirteen must be claimed; if under the age of thirteen and unclaimed, leave the power section blank.

  • EDIT a form when asked and post that you have edited it; Do not repost the form


  • Future-seeing characters (i.e. prophets and fortune tellers.)

  • Celebrity characters (e.g. characters from movies, other books, singers, etc.)

  • Control of fire by Apollo demigods.

  • Mindreading.

  • Weaponry made of godly metals mixed with other ones. (Example: No Celestial bronze/Stygian iron alloys, no iron/Celestial bronze.)

  • Firearms

  • Gifts from godly parents without prior permission.

  • Shape-shifting and charmspeak

  • Contact with any god before Camp.

  • Illegal/Mythological/Exotic pets (e.g. dragons, king cobras, wolves, etc.); small hellhounds (Underworld kids only), domestic dogs, domestic cats, etc are allowed.

  • Families with Roman and Greek children; the closest a Greek and Roman character may be related is cousins.

  • Ties to canon characters in Life Before CHB/CJ

  • Forbidden Godly Parents:  Big Three (must buy them), all Titans (must buy them), all primordials, Pan, Artemis, Hera. Forbidden Roman gods include the Roman version of primordials, Jupiter (must buy), Juno, Diana, etc; we also will only allow legacies of Neptune and Pluto (can be bought in the site store). Norse gods: virgin divinities and gods who have died are forbidden Odin must be bought (same price as a Big Three child). Egyptian paths: all paths may be followed with the exception of Apophis, Khonsu and Ra (including his forms Khepri, Khnum and Atum). Osiris, Set, Nephthys and Anubis must be bought. This list will be updated when new forbidden gods appear.

Other Notes

  • All members have 5 regular (non-transferable) character slots upon joining the site; to get more, you must purchase them from the site store or win them via contest/mystery box.
  • Legacies can be related to multiple gods and are allowed to have been born in Camp Jupiter. However, their powers can relate to two gods only and MUST be weaker than a normal demigod's.

  • All mind-related powers (e.g. memory, fear, love, etc.) can be resisted, but not all the time

  • If a character is reborn, ALTER THE FORM. They are not allowed to remember their past lives except for a passing "you look familiar."

  • If a character is unclaimed and you wish them to be claimed, contact an administrator with the godly parent and powers you want. Random choosing of a parent can be accommodated.

  • Empathy links are allowed, but you can only be linked to ONE other character and it can't be your own.

  • Administrators and approvers reserve the right to deny a power WITHOUT providing an explanation. They have their reasons.

  • Please refrain from saying things such as "they are obviously male/female" under the gender section, as gender isn't obvious from a glance or name.

  • Sibling characters (especially twins) should NEVER be made on the same form; you would need to make two separate ones.

  • If your form hasn't received a reply within three days, you are allowed to PM an administrator or approver about it after that time period.

*Note: The admins and approvers reserve the right to ignore your form if it is centered, is in a strange color that's difficult to read on the gray background, or written in a small font. We find this very annoying to read.

Steps to Submitting and Approval

  1. Click the Home button.

  2. Click Character Forms.

  3. Click Sticky: Character Forms.

  4. Read the topic. Copy form you wish to use.

  5. Go back to Character Forms.

  6. Create New Topic. Paste chosen form.

  7. Fill out form.

  8. Make a name for the topic.

  9. Submit.

  10. Wait for a person with a colored name to tell you what to fix.

  11. Fix any errors.

  12. Repeat 10 and 11 until Character is approved.

Character Forms

Greek/Roman Demigod Form:
Roman Legacy Form:
Satyr/Nymph/Dryad/Naiad Form:
Demigod Hunter form:
Nymph Hunter form:
Human/Mortal Hunter form:
Egyptian magician:
Demigod einherji:
Mortal einherji:
Demigod Valkyrie:
Mortal Valkyrie:

*=Must contain 5 complete sentences.
**=Celestial Bronze for Greeks and Imperial Gold for Romans. Stygian iron only for kids with parents from the Underworld. IE: Melinoe.

Example Form

Name: John Doe
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5'9"
Body Type: lean
Skin Color: Tan
God Parent: Apollo
Mortal Parent: Jane Doe
Country of Origin: United States of America
Pets: Dog named Jimmy Dean
Talents: Playing music
Skills: Archery, Novice Sword fighting
Weapon: Short sword named Thorn
Personality: John has a generally fun loving personality and is known to be the life of the party. He enjoys music and hanging out with his friends. Some of his most prominent traits are courage, vanity and slight snobbishness.
Flaws: Self-Absorbed, arrogant, he's got really bad asthma and is clumsy
Abilities: Can talk with snakes.
Powers: None
Life Before CHB: John Doe had a as normal as possible for a Half-Blood. He spent his days studying every type of music out there and getting in trouble at school. His mother abandoned him when he was 9 leaving him on the streets till he found a homeless shelter. Shortly after his thirteenth birthday, strange people started showing up at the shelter asking about him. One day a satyr came in the homeless shelter and rescued John.
RP Example: I ran through the forest, pine needles stabbing my bare feet. Ignoring the pain I continued to ran it was right behind me, and gaining on me. I ran at full speed zig zagging trying to lose my persuaders.
Any notes about your characters: Never gets sunburn

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Character Form
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