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Wait. What are you seeking. to manipulate the fear of others you must master your own . Are you ready to begin? Death does not wait does not take fairness into account Make no mistake here you face death.Tiger,jitisuh, panther,skeleton. This is not a dance. But you are afraid. Not of me. Tell us what do you fear. Do you still feel responable? Come. You have learned to bury your guilt. i will teach you to confront it and face the truth. You know how to fight six men i can teach you to fight six hundred. You know how to disappear we can show you how to become truely be invisible. A ninja understands that invisibilty is a matter of patience and agility. Always mind your surrondings. Ninjustsu involves forms of blackpowder as distractions. You must become more then a man in the mind of your oppenent. Justice. Crime cannot be tolerated criminals indulge in socties understandings. Your parents death was not your fault .it was your fathers anger does not change the fact your father failed to act. did that stop you? the will to act. you havent beaten me you sacrifced your footing for a killing strike.
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It is not who i am underneith. but what i do that defines me
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I am blind but i can still see what am i? In the mornining i walk on four legs in the afternoon 2 and at night 3 what am i
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