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Devon Hayes


Turn the crowd up now, we'll never back down
Shoot down the skyline, watch it in primetime
Turn up the love now, listen up now, turn up the love

Devon G. Hayes

17 years old. Born on January 1st


God Parent:


Mortal Family:
Lacey Morgann

Years in Camp:

Brief History:
It wasn't just by chance that Devon Hayes, the "Miracle baby" survived an unusually wicked tsunami that washed through Daytona Beach, Florida. Devon was found by the U.S. Coast Guard who'd been taking rowboats through the flooded streets in search of survivors. He'd been in perfect condition, a healthy, glowing baby, with a tuft of brown hair, pale blue eyes and a snubby, rounded nose. He'd been wrapped neatly in an emerald green, satin blanket, and was found casually laying on a piece of driftwood with one pudgy arm poking out of the blanket to point at the sky with a giggle. He'd been immediately taken aboard the boat and transported to high grounds, where an emergency evacuation shelter was taking care of those injured or just displaced by the ravaging current.

Gossip spread like wildfire through the facility as heads turned to see the baby that had survived the disaster with a toothless smile. The tsunami had killed dozens, and yet a helpless child, not more than a few months old, managed to survive.

After the chaos died down, the state went to work finding contacting his parents. Of course, it's impossible to find parents when the baby happens to be without a name or identification of any sort. As far as the records showed, he didn't exist. So, they gave him an identification, naming him Devon Hayes(Devon because the social workers mutually agreed that they liked the name, and Hayes because that was the street [at the time underwater] that Devon had been found floating on.) and registered him into foster care. He humbly moved from home to home until he found what he thought to be a permanent home with a curly blonde haired, middle aged widow by the name of Lacey Morgann at the age of 8.

That was, of course, until she revealed her true identity. She was the grandchild of two demigods; a son of Ares and a daughter of Apollo. Lacey had gone to Camp Half Blood for four years herself, learning to fight and defend herself so that she could return to Florida to attend high school, and when the traits of a demigod manifested in Devon, she knew exactly what she had to do. It was only a 2 hour flight and 50 minute drive to bring young Devon to Camp Half Blood, where he's been ever since.

Physical Appearance:


Fatal Flaw:




While he refuses to tell what his middle name is, the G. stands for Gooby. So his whole name is Devon Gooby Hayes. The social workers thought it would be funny, although Devon is extremely embarrassed by it.


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