Demi-god form.

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Demi-god form.

Post by SnowPrince on 2/16/2013, 6:31 am

Name: Michael Snow
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Eyes: Hazel with snowflake shaped pupils
Hair: White and short
Height: 6ft
Body Type: Slim
Skin Color: Lightly tanned
God Parent: Khione Goddess of snow.
Mortal Parent: Keith Snow
Country of Origin: England
Pets: Snow leopard the size of a normal house cat
Talents: Can blend into snow. Can climb trees very fast. Very good cook.
Weapon**: Snow Staff or Snow Bow.
Flaws: Can't run very fast. Hand to Hand combat. Hates planes and boats.
Powers(must relate to god parent; optional): Powers over snow.
Life Before CHB*: Rough. Was followed home from school everyday . Attacked by monsters when
I arrived in America. Killed first cyclops 3 days after arriving in America.
RP Example*: "Quick run! I will hold them off!" I turn to face the herd of monsters running my way. I raise my snow staff and cause spikes on snow to rise and impale the monsters.
Any notes about your characters: Nope.


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Re: Demi-god form.

Post by Jordan on 2/16/2013, 8:15 am

Change his eyes. Snowflake shaped pupils is anatomically impossible, it would also render him blind.

No to the pet. A normal house cat would be fine.

The weapons need to be made from celestial bronze.

Remove his last two flaws, and add actual flaws. Hand to Hand combat is not a flaw, and neither is hating boats and planes. Try for some personality flaws. Prideful, arrogant, etc.

Can you elaborate on his powers? What can he do with his powers?

Edit your life before chb. It needs to be five COMPLETE sentences. You lack a subject in most of your sentences. "Attacked by monsters"<< WHO was attacked by monsters? Specify. Add two more sentence. Edit the monster. There is no way he could have killed a cyclops with out training. Odysseus and and dozens of his men could not kill a cyclops. They had trained for years for the Trojan War, yet were not able to kill Polyphemus, they merely blinded him.

Add two more sentences to RP Example.
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