First Demigod Form!!!!

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First Demigod Form!!!!

Post by comet201 on 2/16/2013, 9:30 am

Name: Evelynn De la Cruiz
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Eyes: blue
Hair: honey blonde
Height: 5'6"
Body type: slim
Skin Color: caucasian
God Parent: Aphrodite
Mortal Parent: Katrina De la Cruiz
Country of Origin: Cyprus
Pets: a border collie called Sammy
Talents: singing
Skills: archery and sword fighting
Weapons: celestial bronze sword and golden bow and arrows
Flaws: get distracted easily and tends to talk too loudly
Powers: siren voice and can control objects
Life Before CHB: Evelynn also called Evee lived with her mom in Nicosia,Cyprus and attended highschool there until Katrina got an amazing job offer in Ottawa,Canada.On Evelynn's way home from her new school,she took a wrong turn down an alleyway and met some crazed hippie cyclops that ran after her for miles. On the way, a pegasus came and rescued her.
RP example: I walked clumcily down a dark alleyway.It's not the first place I'd thought of going through but I had to get home.I saw two strange,bulky looking men leaning against the walls.I'm surprised the walls didn't even crack because they were so big. I tried sneaking past them in the shadows but then I saw a poster of an ex-president with a doodled mustache and burst out laughing.The men looked at me and starting closing in. Their eyes became closer and closer until it formed one big one samck in the middle of their foreheads.I ran and ran until I couldn't anymore. I looked behind me and they were still there marching behind me. Just as the man was about to lay a deformed,purple hand on me,a horse swooped out of the sky and flew away with me to some fort looking place beside a lake.
Note about character: very stubborn and is the class clown. :cheers:

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Re: First Demigod Form!!!!

Post by Jordan on 2/16/2013, 9:56 am

We don't allow children of the Big Three. You'll have to change that.
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