The new girl at Camp Half Blood

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The new girl at Camp Half Blood

Post by kaylie_labelle on 10/7/2013, 5:06 pm

Name: Kaylie Labelle

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Eyes: Dark green

Hair: Blondish brown

Height: 5' 5"

Body type: Average

Skin color: Tan

God parent: Apollo

Mortal Parent: Norah Labelle

Country of Origin: U.S.A.

Pets: None

Talents: Singing, playing instruments, drawing, writing, and archery.

Weapon: Bow and arrow

Personality: Kaylie is a happy teen that has a lot of friends at Camp Half Blood. She is usually found talking with her friends, writing songs, helping to heal wounded campers, or practicing her shooting down at the archery range. She is not very brave, but very kind. Her past hurts her.

Flaws: Kaylie is hurt very by words, and that makes her very upset with herself for days on end. She's very forgetful and sometimes doesn't think about others. She is terrified of the dark, and the only people who know this are her siblings. Since she is a daughter of Apollo, this does not come up very often (as the cabin is usually lit up) but when it does she goes into a panic. Of course, she has the normal demigod weaknesses: ADHD and Dyslexia.

Powers: She can curse people into speaking only in rhymes (as her cabin once did to the Ares cabin) and can heal people by singing to them.

Life Before CHB: Before she went to Camp Half Blood, Kaylie lived in New Jersey with her mother. During her childhood, she barely said a word, and her mom (who had become mentally ill after losing Apollo) described her as, "A shadow of her classmates." Because of her crazy mother, lack of friends, and the fact that no one believed in the monsters she saw, she grew depressed. At age 10, Kaylie's mother went full on insane and forced her out of the house, her last words to Kaylie being, "I don't know who you are." After that, Kaylie was running around New Jersey until she ran into a Saytr named Boyce. Boyce had sensed there was a Demigod around, but he could not find Kaylie because of her constant moving. Once he found her, he brought her to Camp Half Blood, but a mile before they reached the border, they were attacked by a Hellhound and Boyce perished. Kaylie found a map to camp in his bag, and that lead her to camp.

RP Example:  At 7:00 am on a Saturday morning, I woke up to find daisies on my bunk. "What the...." I muttered sleepily, reaching over to inspect them. To Kaylie, from someone special, it said.
My half-sister, Lily, glanced up at me from the bunk below. "What's that?"
"Somebody... sent me flowers," I replied, confused.
Lily beamed. "Ooh, looks like somebody has a secret admirer!" she teased. I didn't care though; Lily was a year older than me and had a boyfriend before, while I was a Single Pringle. "You should totally tell one of the Aphrodite girls about that!"
I sighed. "I knew you would say that." But I wasn't really annoyed. There was a smile on my face. I was determined to figure out who had sent me flowers.

Any Notes About Your Character: Loves the beach


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Re: The new girl at Camp Half Blood

Post by Morgan Landry on 10/8/2013, 2:43 am

Body type> You're asked whether she's lean, athletic, fat, hourglass shape, rectangle shape, stuff like that. 'Average' is pretty vague.

Weapon> What are her arrows's tips made of?

Personality> In theory, you can remove that part about her friends, her writing songs and so on; you have to describe her personality, not her hobbies or social status.

Powers> Cursing: How long does the curse last? How many times can she do it a day? How much time does she have to wait between each use of that power? How can it be resisted?
Singing> How many times can she do it a day? How much time does she have to wait before each use of her power? What is the worst wound she can heal?
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