// Colton Moon

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// Colton Moon

Post by // on 10/20/2013, 12:59 am

//Colton Moon

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Dark Brown // Dreads -- Natural Growth

Height: 5'11 ft

Body Type: Lean // Slender


Skin Color: Tan // -1 Tint

God Parent: Apollo

Mortal Parent: Destiny Solomon

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Moved to: // Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Pets: --

Talents: Writing poetry // Songwriting // Skateboarding // Giving Advice // Helping Others

Weapon**: --

Personality: Colton is reserved in new situations // outgoing in familiar ones

Colton has a love for action, excitement, mystery, and lust.

He likes being weird and being around weird people and he doesn't care too much about rules or limitations because he usually breaks all of those and pushes himself to the limit as well as others. He takes pride in his close friends, always being there for them no matter what. As far as love and relationships go, Colton is a bit hypocritical. He prefers a women who isn't a whore or slut yet finds sluts and whores much more interesting then those who aren't. He tends to love the wrong types of girls as well. Losing his virginity to a girl who only wanted him for sex, he fell victim into her enticing ways and began to love her, she only fell victim to his member and lust for him. Colton loses interest quickly and that goes for love interest as well, good thing he moves on quick. Colton is more optimistic than pessimistic as well, allowing him to experience and do things normal people wouldn't dare to do which usually ends up getting Colton in trouble or injured. Colton is witty and good with his words, allowing him to trick people as well. He has a sweet side to him them, one that only close friends, family members and lovers could access.

Flaws: Insecure -- Hair and Body // Lack of Confidence // Blunt & Harsh Honesty // Weak Lung Capacity(Can't hold breath under water or run for too long)

Powers(must relate to god parent; optional): Light Manipulation (solidifying light particles and traveling at the speed of light) // Healing // Lie Detecting.

Life Before CHB*:

Like always //

Colton was in trouble with authority figures. Colton rolled around on skateboards with his crew of close friends, Jesse, Antonio, Sean, and Marquis. Together they would vandalize buildings, steal from local stores to eat because they didn't have any money. Skateboard through downtown Toronto and flirt with girls at the mall. Typical teenage antics until one day Colton came home to his mother beaten in the bathroom floor. Blood on the floor. Colton demanded to know who did it and she replied with an answer Colton suspected. His alcoholic step dad who was on the couch sleeping. Colton walked to the living room where the beast laid asleep with the TV still on with mute volume and Colton manifested the light projected from the TV screen as he hardened it into a sharp triangular blade and aimed it at his step dad's throat. His mother stopped Colton just in time. The next morning all of his step dad's belongings were packed, Colton threatened his life and kicked him out of the apartment. His mother told Colton that the life he is living now will head Colton down the road of his step dad and he vowed to never steal, vandalize or anything like that again.

RP Example*:

The Diary of Liberation

Jeremiah  is  his  name.  He  always  wanted  to  be  himself  and  not  be  hassled  about  it  is what  he  always  wanted.  Jeremiah  has  a  very  complex  personality  in  which  he  thinks outside  the  box.  He  is  very  playful,  and  is  not  afraid  to  tell  people.  He  was  always something  special  and  something  different  and  although  he  had  many  close  friends,  he wouldn’t  dare  share  his  feelings,  thoughts  and  personality  with  his  friends.  Jeremiah  isn’t brilliant,  but  he’s  smart  and  he  is  just  very  insightful.  He  can  easily  analyze  situations  in  third  person  thought  and  pick  apart  the  situation  to  try  and  find  ways  to  help  and also  find  the  moral  or  value  in  the  situation.  He  loves  the  unordinary,  the  strange  and the  things  people  wouldn’t  really  want  to  know  about.  He  enjoys  and  finds  himself interested  in  many  things  such  as  science,  writing,  poetry,  comedy,  grammar,  dancing, music,  and  many  more  things.  Some  would  compare  his  personality  to  a  free  spirited, insightful  young  fellow.  However  this  is  not  the  Jeremiah  you  will  get  to  know  reading this  story.  The  Jeremiah  you  will  get  to  know  is  the  personality  that  covers  his  true personality  and  the  lesson  he  learns.

One  morning,  as  Jeremiah  was  getting  ready  to  go  to  school.  He  lived  with  his  mother and  although  he  had  a  lot  of  nice  things  in  his  room,  his  mother  didn’t  have  a  lot  of money  to  give  him.  Somehow  she  would  conjure  up  some  money  for  him  to  keep  in  his  pocket  and  even  though  it’s  not  a  lot,  Jeremiah  never  complained  about  it.  At  home and  around  his  family,  Jeremiah   was  known  as  the  smart  young  boy  who  wanted  a bright  future.  He  was  also  the  guy  that  got  everything  he  wanted  as  rewards  for  doing well  in  school.  His  family  made  jokes  around  him  and  say  he’s  spoiled  but  he  always had  a  strange  feeling  that  they  were  serious.  Spoiled  in  the  term  of  getting  what  you want.  Jeremiah  waited  to  leave  out  for  school  with  his  friend,  Jamie.  Jamie  was  a  nice young  boy.  He  was  respectful,  fun,  funny  and  nice.  “Where  could  he  be?”  Jeremiah  said  as  he  sat  in  his  bedroom,  on  the  foot  of  the  bed,  watching  his  favorite  television show.  Jeremiah  was  quite  impatient  as  he  awaited  for  his  friend  to  arrive  at  his  house so  they  could  leave  out  for  school  together.  “School  starts  at  9:00  and  it’s  already  8:32. We  are  gonna  be  late.”  He  said  in  frustration  as  he  scratched  his  head  roughly.  He took  a  quick  breather  and  decided  to  turn  off  his  television  and  leave  without  Jamie. Jamie  was  never  this  late  and  something  must  be  wrong.  Jeremiah  didn’t  get  a  call  from  Jamie  saying  he  wasn’t  coming  to  school  today  either  so  Jeremiah  was  going  to Jamie’s  house  instead  for  a  change.  Jeremiah  walked  into  the  living  room  and  grabbed his  red  and  black  colored  backpack  and  walked  towards  the  kitchen  which  was connected  to  the  living  room.  He  walked  to  the  refrigerator  and  opened  it  up  to  see there  was  nothing  inside.  It  must  be  hard  financial  times  and  this  is  proof.  He  thought  it  must  be  hard  on  his  mother  if  things  are  this  bad.  He  sighed  as  he  closed  the refrigerator  door  and  turned  towards  the  front  door.  He  walked  towards  the  door,  easing on  his  backpack  and  yelling,  “I’m  leaving’!”

“Alright  Don’t  lose  that  bus  card!”  his  mother  shouted  in  response.  Jeremiah  continued and  left  out  of  the  home  to  get  a  very  unexpected  welcome  from  someone  familiar. “Gonna  leave  without  me?”  Jamie  said  with  a  confused  expression  on  his  face.  Jamie was  just  joking  and  Jeremiah  knew  that  as  well.  Jeremiah  didn’t  take  what  he  said seriously  and  responded,  “Shut  up  and  let’s  go.”  Jeremiah  said  as  he  began  walking  to the  train  station  and  Jamie  quickly  followed  beside  him.  Engaging  in  conversation  the whole  way  to  school  about  Jamie’s  excuse  on  why  he  was  late  to  arrive  at  Jeremiah’s house.  It  was  another  excuse  that  Jeremiah  accepted.  He  really  didn’t  care  why  he  was late,  as  long  as  Jamie  was  alright.

After  a  long  day  at  school,  it  felt  good  to  hear  the  sound  of  the  bell  at  the  end  of  the school  day.  Jeremiah  gathered  his  belongings  in  his  class  and  walked  towards  his  locker  which  was  right  next  to  his  friend  Jamie’s  and  another  boy  named  Thomas.  His nickname  was  TJ  and  he  was  a  large  fellow.  He  seemed  always  angry  and  it  showed by  the  way  he  insulted  and  bullied  other  students  in  the  school.  He  particularly  liked picking  on  Jamie  and  he  would  have  Jeremiah  do  things  he  normally  wouldn’t  do. However  to  fit  in  and  to  be  cool,  Jeremiah  had  to  do  them.  Thomas  was  doing  the usual,  intimidating  other  classmates  by  threatening  them  with  physical  violence.  “I’ll  stomp  your  face  in  if  you  do  that  again.”  He  said  with  unnecessary  anger  towards  a fellow  student  of  the school.  It  seems  the  student  accidently  bumped  Thomas  and  of course,  Thomas  didn’t  take  that  very  well.  The  student  ran  in  the  opposite  direction  in fear  as  Thomas  laughed  at  the  students  reaction.  Jeremiah  and  Jamie  arrived  at  their locker,  speaking  on  how  much  they  disliked  school  today.  “I  can’t  wait  to  get  home  and just  relax.”  Jamie  said  as  he  leaned  on  his  locker,  making  a  dramatic  sigh.  “Aren’t  you gonna  do  your  homework?”  Jeremiah  said  as  he  gathered  his  things  from  his  locker. Jeremiah  was  too  busy  speaking  to  Jamie  to  notice  that  he  accidently  dropped  his  red journal.  The  journal  was  pretty  beat  up  and  had  a  lot  of  black  marker  writing  on  the cover.  Thomas  spotted  the  journal  and  picked  it  up  for  Jeremiah.  Being  the  disrespectful guy  that  he  is,  Thomas  read  the  writing  on  the  cover  of  the  journal.  The  writing  said many  things  such  as,  personal,  thoughts,  feelings,  private  and  many  other  things. Thomas  smirked  and  decided  to  read  what’s  inside  of  the  journal.  “Well  what  do  we have  here.”  Thomas  said  as  he  took  a  step  back  from  Jeremiah  and  Jamie  and  opened  the  journal  to  the  first  page.  “Jeremiah’s  little  diary.”  He  shouted  so  everyone could  hear.  Jeremiah  along  with  many  other  students  turned  to  face  Thomas.  Jeremiah’s heart  jumped  when  he  saw  his  journal  in  Thomas’  hands.

This  was  the  worst  thing  imaginable  to  Jeremiah  right  now.  “Give  me  my  journal!” Jeremiah shouted  as  he  dropped  his  backpack  and  all  the  things  he  held  in  his  hand  suddenly  and charged  at  Thomas  without  thinking.  Thomas  was  physically  stronger  than  Jeremiah  and it  was obvious  that  he  had  no  chance  in  beating  Thomas.  Thomas  easily  shoved  Jeremiah  back  with little  force  however  it  made  a  great  impact.  Jeremiah  fell  backwards  and  Thomas  quickly started to  read  embarrassing  things  from  his  journal.  His  journal  held  secretive  things  about  his thoughts,  feelings,  information,  expressive  writing,  poetry,  lyrics  of  his  favorite  songs,  pictures  of his  family  and  friends  and  even  things  like  the  girl  he  has  a  crush  on.  Thomas  read  it all and Jeremiah  tried  his  hardest  to  get  the  journal  back  but  Thomas  just  kept  shoving  him  away. Jamie  decided  to  help,  “Give   him  his  journal  back  Thomas!,  This  isn’t  funny!”  Jamie  said  as  he charged  towards  Thomas.  Jamie  had  more  of  a  chance  to  beat  Thomas  and  get  the journal back  than  Jeremiah  did.  Jamie  cocked  his  right  arm  back,  balled  up  his  fist  and  struck  Thomas in  the  jaw.  However  it  made  little  impact  and  also  made  matters  worse  for  Jeremiah. Thomas was  now  furious  and  pushed  Jamie  back  with  all  his  might  and  Jamie  clashed  with  the  wall that was  behind  him.  “You  wanna  fight  me?!”  Thomas  shouted  as  he  ripped  the  pages  out  of  the journal  and  threw  them  all  over  the  place  in  every  direction.  Jeremiah  and  Jamie  got  up  and decided  to  both  fight  him  but  they  were  all  stopped  by  the  principle.

Principle  Jefferson  and  the  student  that  bumped  into  Thomas  walked  down  the  hallway towards the  commotion  that  the  three  were  causing.  “What  is  going  on  here?”  Principle  Jefferson shouted,  the  sound  of  her  hills  could  be  heard  from  afar  because  suddenly  everything got quiet. There  were  sheets  of  paper  scattered  around  on  the  floor  that  came  from  Jeremiah’s  journal. “Well?”  She  shouted  once  again  and  no  one  said  a  word.  Jamie  stepped  forward  and  Thomas gave  him  a  menacing  look.  “Principle  Jefferson,  Thomas  started  to  pick  on  Jeremiah  and take his  diary.  Read  everything  that  was  written  inside  aloud  and  when  we  tried  to  get  it  back.  He pushed  me  and  Jeremiah  aside  and  ripped  the  diary  up.”  Jamie  explained  to  Principle Jefferson as  some  of  the  students  that  surrounded  the  area  nodded  their  heads.  “Is  this  true  Jeremiah?” She   asked  him  to  confirm.  Jeremiah  glanced  over  at  Thomas  who  was  red  with  anger  and  gave a  very  threatening  look.  He  turned  to  look  back  at  the  principle  and  opened  his  mouth  to respond,  “Yeah.”

“You  come  with  me.  You’ve  been  trouble  since  the  first  day  you  enrolled  in  my  school and  I’ve  had  it.  You’re  out  of  here.”  Principle  Jefferson  said  as  she  turned  around  to walk  to  her  office,  demanding  that  Thomas  follow  her.  “We  won’t  be  seeing  him anymore.”  Jamie  said  to  Jeremiah  as  he  tapped  him  on  his  shoulder.  “Why  didn’t  you just  say  who  you  truly  are?  It’s  not  like  I’m  going  to  like  you  any  differently.  I  didn’t  know  you  liked  poetry.  I  do  too.”  Jamie  said  as he walked  towards  his  locker  to  gather  his  things  and  put  them  in  his  backpack.  “I  was  afraid  no one  would  like  me.”  Jeremiah  said  as  he  walked  to  his  locker  with  his  head  down.  Not  trying  to look  people  in  the  face.

“Hey,  looks  like  everyone  knows  the  real  you.”  Brittany  said.  Brittany  was  the  girl  that  Jeremiah has  a  crush  on.  She  was  beautiful  in  his  eyes  and  he  was  always  nervous  around  her. However now  it  was  different,  he  wasn’t  nervous  anymore.  “You  here  to  make  fun  of  me  or  call  me  weird? Go  ahead,  I  don’t  care.”  Jeremiah  said  as  he  hurried  to  try  and  gather  all  of  his  things so he could  get  out  of  the  school  faster.  Brittany  held  a  sheet  of  paper  from  his  journal  in  her  hand.  It was  titled,  Things  I  could  never  say.  It  was  a  poem  and  a  very  good  one  actually.  It was about Brittany  and  how  his  thoughts  and  feelings  about  her  but  he  could  never  say  them  in  person. Jeremiah  turned  to  face  her  and  saw  that  she  held  that  poem  in  her  hands  and  a  warm smile on her  face . “I  like  who  you  really  are . There’s  no  need  to  hide  who  you  are  anymore. Your diary was  nice  and  every  word  Thomas  read.  Every  word  you  written  was  just  wonderful.  We  should hang  out  sometime.”  Brittany  said  and  her  words  left  Jeremiah  speechless.  The  hallway was still quiet  when  she  said  those  words  and  everyone  could  hear  them.  He  opened  his  mouth  but couldn’t  utter  any  words.  “He  would  love  too.  On  the  weekends,  just  you  and  him?”  Jamie  said, helping  out  his  friend  and  Jeremiah  smiled  and  nodded  at  her.  “Sounds  great.”  She  responded as  she  walked  off  towards  the  exit.  “Oh  and  Jeremiah,  I’m  gonna  keep  this  poem!”  She  shouted out  loud  and  exited  the  building.  The  students  surrounded  Jeremiah  and  gave  him. Complimenting  him  on  standing  up  to  Thomas  and  saying  that  some  of  them  have  the  same interests  that  he  does.  It  was  a  wonderful  feeling  Jeremiah  had.  The  feeling  of  fitting  in  by  just being  himself.  “Nice  work.  You  stood  up  to  the  bully,  got  the  girl  and  now  you’re  a  school  hero.” Jamie  said  as  he  began  walking  towards  the  exit.  Jeremiah  quickly  caught  up  with  Jamie.  “Yeah I  guess  it  pays  off  to  be  yourself.  Oh,  and  no  one  liked  Thomas  anyway.”  Jeremiah  said  as  they both  laughed  and  walked  out  the  door.

Any notes about your characters: Talk about Music // Skateboarding // Video Games or butts and you got his attention


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Re: // Colton Moon

Post by Kendall on 10/20/2013, 12:48 pm

How many times a day can he use each of his powers? What's the worst wound he can heal, and the most powerful thing he can do with light? How does he detect lies?

How did your character get to camp?
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