Avery (aang's twin) wip

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Avery (aang's twin) wip

Post by Christian on 10/26/2013, 12:57 pm

Name: Avery Jennifer Smith
Age: Avery is 13, but will be turning 14 in about 2 weeks.
Gender: Avery is a male.
Eyes: A light shade of blue, almost like the sea.
Hair: Avery has long, light brown hair.
Height: Avery is short, standing at a height of 4'7".
Body Type: Avery is very skinny, even though she eats a lot.
Skin Color: Avery is pale.
God Parent: Aeolus is Avery's godly parent.
Mortal Parent: Jessica Smith
Country of Origin: Avery was born, and raised, in the United States.
Pets: Avery has a pet husky, who is now 1 year old.
Talents: Avery is very experienced in using her power, the power to control air. She is also very intelligent, and quick on her feet.
Weapon**: Avery uses no weapon, except for the small dagger she carries around with her. Her powers are enough for her.
Personality: Avery, unlike her brother, is very mature. She almost never laughs. She also runs around, scolding people as if she was her mother. She was born like this, always scolding her brother for every mistake he did.
Flaws: Avery is arrogant, can be bitter at times, obnoxious, and can get irritated by the tiniest of things.
Powers(must relate to god parent; optional): Avery can manipulate air. Her powers are listed below:

Air Blasts/Balls ~ Avery is able to control the air by making it blast and fast speeds towards her opponents. The wind speed is about 55 miles per hour. The length of the blast depends on how much force she uses and how hard she concentrates. She can create 6 of these blasts a day, with a 30 minute wait in between. The air blast is about 2 feet wide, and has a height of 4 feet. Avery is also able to create balls out of air and shoot it towards opponents. The balls can be as big as a volleyball, no bigger. She can create 8 of these balls per day, with a 20 minute wait time in between. Both the blasts and the balls go about 7 feet before disappearing back into thin air. The most damage the balls can do is knock a person down on there back, if they don't block the move or dodge it. Avery may also use this move to block an arrow that is flying towards her, or to keep a sword from hitting her. Here's a small list of damages that happen to Avery when using these:
1st blast/ball: A little light headed
2nd blast/ball: Pain in her stomach
3rd blast/ball: Head begins to throb
4th blast/ball: Headache begins to come in
5th blast/ball: Major headache affects him
6th blast: Avery's legs shake and will most likely buckle under her.
6th ball: Avery's body will start to shiver.
7th blast: Avery will become extremely tired, and possibly even pass out.
7th ball: Avery's whole body will shake violently.
8th ball: Avery will become extremely tired, and possibly even pass out.
(This is the only power that they have in common)

Life Before CHB*: Aang was born in New York City, New York. Her mother was born in a family of monks, so Aang was introduced to them quite quickly. They convinced him to join them for a few months, with his mother's approval. Aang was trained and was taught by those monks. Soon, he had shaved his head and began to act just like a monk. One day, a big storm came and he got carried into the ocean. He washed up on shore and was founded by Silver, a satyr, and taken to Camp Half Blood.
RP Example*: Aang watched helplessly as another wave swallowed someone up. It was as if the sea was a beast, eating up everything it saw. He stood in shock as a huge wave towered over the tiny island, causing a large shadow to form on top of him. He held up his hand, ready to die, when something especially strange happened. A blast of air shot out of it, causing the water to not hit him as hard as it would have. It was especially strange, but the thought wasn't on Aang's mind. He was flipping helplessly underwater, managing to float up to the surface to catch a quick breath. Loads of oxygen filled his lungs, and he drifted off further into the sea. Away from his home.
Any notes about your characters: I wasn't sure if this was a power or something, but Aang has a larger lung capacity than most humans, and can suck in large amounts of air at a time. This gives him the skill of being able to hold his breath under water for about 7 minutes, and have great stamina which helps when he's running, swimming, etc.
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