how do you make a character and play???

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how do you make a character and play???

Post by Luna804 on 11/5/2013, 7:10 pm

Can you play? How do you make a character?


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Re: how do you make a character and play???

Post by Morgan Landry on 11/6/2013, 1:13 am


[This is the introductions section, which means, this is where new members introduce themselves; if you have questions, go to the OOC talk.]

Anyway, to make a character you go to the character forms section, which is the section just under the introductions ( Then, you click on the sticky 'Character form' ( and scroll down. Then, you click on the character form you want, you open the spoiler, copy paste the character form, then go back, open a new topic, paste the form in and you fill it out. When it is finished, an admin or an approver will come and look at it (moderators can comment too), and when an admin or an approver approves the form, you can start roleplaying in the RP area.

If my explanation was a bit confusing, I hope this is better:

Thanks to Jordan for this:
STEP ONE: On the home page, you go to the third Forum from the top called "Character Forms."

STEP TWO: Once in the forum, click the topic titled, "Sticky: Character Form."

STEP THREE: Once in the topic, read the rules for making a character form and then scroll down (probably a bit more than half of the page) until you find a little section that says, "Greek/Egyptian/Norse Demigod Form:" (with a spoiler underneath). Click on the spoiler.

STEP FOUR: The spoiler should open and you should see a blank character form. Hi-light and copy it (ctrl+c).

STEP FIVE: Return to the previous page ([url]]Character Forms[/url]). On the left-hand side of the screen near the top, you should see a button that says, "New Topic". Click that.

STEP SIX: You should find a large blank text box with a bunch of emoticons to the left. Paste (ctrl+v) the character form you copied in "Step Four" in the biggest text box. Also be sure to give your topic a title by filling out one of the small text boxes above the large one.

Fill out as much information as you can into the form and hit "SEND". Now you're finished!

Once you've sent it, and admin will come by later and check the form. If there is something that needs clarified, or fixed, they will comment on the form, and tell you what needs to be changed (You'll need to fix what they asked by editing the original form and/or simply replying to their comment and explaining there). This will go on for a bit until the admin says its approved (by stating "approved" and moving it into the approved character forms section), and then your free for role-play! (As long as you follow the rules, of course.)
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