WIP Anna Daniel Meyer - Asclepius

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WIP Anna Daniel Meyer - Asclepius

Post by SilverMoon on 6/8/2014, 3:10 pm

Name: Anna Daniel Meyer
Gender: female
Eyes: Green
Hair: Caramel brown
Height: 5', 8"
Body Type: lean
Skin Color: Light and pinkish, but not quiet pale. Somewhat tan during the summer months.
God Parent:Asclepius
Mortal Parent: Hannah Myer
Country of Origin: Virginia, USA
Pets: a furry ginger cat named Margo
Talents: ability to identify various plants and their healing properties, a quick runner, a talented artist, and good at communicating with others through writing and speaking
Weapon**:  She prefers her Stygian iron sword, Althea, "healer," but a bow and arrow works too.
Personality: Anna is a generally reserved person. She isn't very outgoing, and prefers to keep to herself. She is very kind, though, and supports her friends. She is also very mature and independent, and others are sometimes intimidated by her. She is intelligent, and enjoys anything biology related.
Flaws: Very judgmental, selfish, a bit uncoordinated, not very good with kids, and impatient.
Powers(must relate to god parent; optional): Anna can heal others, but it drains her own energy. She can heal about 15 small scratches or cuts in a day. She can heal other, more serious injuries such as bruises and medium- deep cuts about 5 times a day. Anna could also heal about 5 fevers or colds or other illnesses in a day. She can heal 3 serious injuries in a day such as deep wounds and infections and broken bones, but is drained of all her energy and will immediately pass out. Deep wounds are about 1.5inches deep and 4 inches long, while medium cuts are an inch thick.Also, she cannot heal herself. Anna could save someone on the verge of death, but it would require so much energy that she herself would die. Between each healing, Anna also needs a cool down time before she can heal others. This can range from 3 minutes to 30 minutes, depending what type of injury she healed.
Life Before Camp*: Anna grew up in college town in the mountains of Virginia. Anna's mother is a doctor, and often worked late nights as Anna grew up. For awhile, Anna was taken care of by random nannies and sitters, but eventually Anna's grandparents made up with their daughter and began taking care of Anna. Anna was very shy growing up, and always felt like an outcast among other kids. However, she enjoyed running and playing basketball and other sports so she wasn't too lonely.

RP Example*: Anna was barely awake as she walked to the mess hall. She was up 'til 2 in the morning the other night reading. She regretted wasting her sleeping time on that book with a cliche ending (the guy got the girl), as she watched her fellow campers energetically running around. She watched as some were enjoying a pre- breakfast game of volleyball. Apparently she wasn't watching close enough, for she didn't notice the volleyball sailing towards her until it made contact with her forehead.

Any notes about your characters:
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