Strike a match and I will burn you to the ground

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Strike a match and I will burn you to the ground

Post by Morgan Landry on 6/20/2014, 9:20 am

Name: Lindia Septima Inetia.

Age: 17.

Gender: Female.

Eyes: Cold blue.

Hair: Dirty blonde.

Height: 1m75.

Body Type: Athletic.

Skin Color: Tan.

God Parent: Trivia, goddess of crossroads and sorcery.

Mortal Parent: Ryan Inetia.

Country of Origin: USA.

Pets: None.

→ Survival
→ Combat
→ Sarcasm

→ Imperial gold gladius.
→ Imperial gold pilum.
→ Crossbow with imperial gold tipped bolts.

→ Oval face .
→ High forehead.
→ Pointed, determined chin.
→ High cheekbones.
→ Hollow cheeks.
→ Thin lips. Pomegranate shade.
→ Lingering smile, without any dimples.
→ Deep-set, glossy arctic blue eyes, bluish-steel highlight. Almond-shaped, a bit elongated, giving her a slight oriental look.
→ Sultry, heavy-lidded eyes.
→ She tends to have a darting way of looking around, her eyes flashing glances like a hunted animal, which is a habit she took up after fleeing from her home.
→ Low, arched caramel-colored eyebrows, slightly thick.
→ Concave, slightly upturned nose. Straight, determined.
→ Widow's peak. Caramel-blonde hair, unruly, wavy.
→ Tall, willowy built. Slim.
→ Long neck, muscled shoulders, pointed elbows, trained hands, strong arms, muscled legs.
→ Very marked shoulder blades. Visible spine line.
→ She dresses in an edgy style: ripped denims, black tank tops, punk jewerly, etc.

→ Aggressive.
→ Sarcastic.
→ Prideful.
→ Mistrusting.
→ Determined.
→ Blunt.
→ Untalkative.
→ Protective.

→ Prideful.
→ Aggressive.
→ Violent.

Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional):
→ She can communicate with snakes.

Powers (must relate to god parent; optional):
→ Pyrokinesis
→ Umbrakinesis.

Life Before Camp*:
→ Lindia was born to Trivia in the Underworld.
→ The Roman goddess sent her back up to the mortal world a week later, to be nursed by her father.
→ Ryan Inetia lived in Seattle but later job circumstances forced him to move to Detroit.
→ At first afraid for his daughter's life, he restricted her freedom to the minimum: she was only allowed to go to school and take short walks with him. He soon became very controlling, then his finances suddenly broke down when he lost his job and had to go search for another one.
→ That's when he grew angry and bitter. Trivia never sent anything his way, not the slightest help. He was certain she could still see him, but was confident she never did a thing for him, which made him seethe with rage. He knew who Trivia was and had seen Lindia had inherited strange abilities. Shadows just seemed to creep around her and fire behaved differently in her presence, the flames responding to her emotions by crackling suddenly, blazing up or staying totally still and motionless. Growing jealous and even more bitter, he started blaming her for his break-up with Trivia, certain that if they hadn't had a child, he'd still be with her.
→ He found a new job with a far lower pay than his original one, got evicted from his house and had to move with Lindia into a tiny, shabby flat. Gangs broke in several times, stole things and threatened to kill them but her father had a way with the Mist. Trivia had taught him a couple of tricks and casting illusions had become one of his favorite defense methods. Lindia didn't quite understand what he did, but he just said he had saved her life and that she should be grateful.
→ The abuse was emotional and started early. As soon as she started manifesting her affinity for fire and shadows, he had imagined ways of how those could be useful to him. He was bitter at Trivia for letting him in misery like this, abandoning him and never sending the tiniest of help their way. Thus he turned to Lindia. Thanks to the experience with the gangs, he brainwashed her into believing she was utterly helpless without his merciful care, telling her things like "You wouldn't last three days out there if I wasn't there to protect you!" or "Without me, you would be dead in a gutter!", not hesitating to be more and more graphic.
→ It started small and gradually became bigger. One step after the other, he desensitized her to the abuse, which became physical as he started hitting her, seeing he could get away with more and more. Lindia was too frightened to do anything, too scared of the consequences if she dared to complain.
→ She once complained though, to what her father reacted by sitting down heavily at their table, looking at the floor and whispering that after all he had done for her, this was how she was paying him back. He looked so genuinely sad and hurt that Lindia felt guilty and apologized.
→ This situation of abuse became normal for her, she didn't even see anything wrong with it anymore. And since her father could have his nice and affectionate moments, she rationalized it. However, it only became worse. With the incoming financial problems, the crisis, the theft of his wallet and an attack in his work place, he grew more and more violent. He started blaming Lindia for his problems since he saw a part of Trivia in her, Trivia who had abandoned him. When she was ten, he followed her around the flat striking her again and again with a broken chair. The bruises lasted for months.
→ Lindia didn't do well in school either, because of her ADHD and dyslexia. She had to do two grades again, which also came with their share of beatings and yelling. She made some friends but was never allowed to see them.
→ Lindia gradually became inhabited to her gathering bruises and wounds, but once her father went too far and actually broke her arm by tossing her against a shelf. She had to get medical attention and he threatened to abandon her if she said anything to the doctors. The medical attention costed more money, which made him more bitter and angry.
→ Her powers grew. She realized at age ten she could actually control the movement and size of the flames if she focused hard enough, making them grow up to five centimeters. Afterwards she was incredibly drained but it was the proof it wasn't an illusion.
→ Her big change came at thirteen, when she befriended a group of three edgy mid-teens who dragged her into the street with them, teaching her how to steal things like bikes and pick locks. They also told her basic self-defense which, coupled with her ADHD and innate battle reflexes, proved very useful during fights. She would always remember her first fight, when she had struck a guy taller than her, shin-kicked him in the groin and seen him collapse to his knees in front of her. It took a second but then she thought, Maybe I'm not that weak after all. It started with this small doubt which later grew. She learned how to handle herself but never struck back when her father hit her; until one time when she was fourteen and freshly started in her adolescence crisis, she punched him in the mouth after he started beating her. He spat out some blood, then grew madder than she had ever seen him. Guilty and horrified, she ran out thinking she could never forgive herself what she just did. In her mind, her father was the best man in the world.
→ She ran away and lived on the streets for a couple of days. Finding food and shelter was a difficult business and she was often starving and cold, having to run away from gangs (now that she was alone, she didn't dare confront six people at once. She isn't that good in combat just yet.) After a week, too scared to go home, she wound up at one of her friends', asking if she could stay with them.
→ Her father wouldn't let go of her so easily though. He reported her runner to the police, who eventually found her and dragged her back home.
→ After the usual striking and punching her until her lips and nose were hot and slippery with blood, he locked her in her bedroom and allowed her out only the next day, for dinner.
→ However, her short time at her friends' had started changing her perspective. His parents never struck him. The atmosphere was totally different. At first Lindia thought the parents were much too lax but the doubt had placed itself in her brain.
→ She spent more and more time with her friends, her adolescence crisis getting bigger and bigger. Her personality changed with every street fight she won, giving her what she realized was hope. She felt genuinely good, almost like freedom.

RP Example*: Lindia's eyes darted around. People were walking past her without really seeing her, she belonged to the background of the city they all tried to ignore: people like her who lived on the streets, had dirty clothes with tattered hems, and hadn't showered in a couple of days. Ever since she had left for Sonoma, she had become inhabited to the smell of her own sweat -- but other people, all these wealthy stuck-ups who acted as if she was some kind of lamp post or something, their precious noses wrinkled automatically whenever she came near them. They would never know what it's like to live like she did: sleep on the cold pavement, beg, steal food, fight away too curious gangs... These people would never know that life. She hated them. She envied them.
A guy passed her in the buzz of his scooter, stopping a couple of meters from her and getting off, tucking his helmet under his arm. Lindia couldn't believe her luck! She was so close to the location Lupa had given her directions to, so close. Her internal radar was ticking like a time bomb. Not showing any emotion, she walked over to the scooter casually before suddenly stopping to re-tie her shoelaces. Her old backpack hung over her shoulder, carrying the few essentials she had schlepped from Detroit to Sonoma and now from Sonoma to San Francisco. The streets were bursting with activity. Nobody would remember her. All the better.

Any notes about your characters:
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