[WIP] Tack Aahil :: Hephaestus

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[WIP] Tack Aahil :: Hephaestus

Post by zedfire on 7/12/2014, 9:45 am


Name: Tack Aahil

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Height: 5'10"

Body Type: Slim and lanky

Skin Color: Pale (tans easily)

Godly Parent: Hephaestus

Mortal Parent: Aisha Aahil

Country of Origin: Iraq

Pets: Small white mouse


--Making elaborate weaves from thread


--Sewing and tailoring
--Repairing a variety of items
--Picking locks
--Multilingual (Arabic, English, Greek)

Weapon: Celestial bronze roundel dagger; “Aminah”

Personality: Tack only talks when there’s no other way around it, as it always makes him feel panicky if he thinks he’s said too much. Because of his silence, he’s learned to be resourceful when communicating with others. At first glance, he’s a kind boy who was born poor, doesn’t aspire to much and doesn’t talk at all. Inwardly, he’s clever, hardworking and brave.


--Little ambition
--Decreased sense of self-worth
--Permanent dark marks under eyes
--Awkward, hunched posture



  • Touch-analyzing; Able to understand how a machine works by touching it. It depends on the size and complexity of the machine how much energy it would drain; touching something like a supercomputer can knock him out.
  • Can look at a structure/machine and point out its weak spots. No energy drained, but depending on the complexity of it, he might not be able to figure it out.
  • Can restart/turn on something by touching it. The same goes as touch-analyzing, but on a greater scale; trying to restart a supercomputer can kill him.
  • Ability to build advanced technology. No energy drained, all brainpower and a bit of sweat.

Life Before CHB: Born in Baghdad to a struggling tailor named Aisha, Tack grew up fixing items for people around the neighborhood in exchange for enough money to help his mother out. He experienced some pretty strange things as a child, ranging from angry men who sniffed at him like dogs and grew jackal's tails at the seat of their pants to a chickens with two ugly snake-heads that stared at him when he passed.
The summer that he turned ten his mother made a deal with a man who was interested in their shop's location (a two-story building their family had owned for generations in a Baghdad market) and agreed to trade the place for 11,644,000 IQD, (10,000 USD,) and four one way tickets; two for seats on a train to Istanbul, 2 for coaches on a plane to New York.
So, she agreed, and within a year's time they were settling into their apartment located above Aisha's tailoring shop in the outskirts of Syracuse, having acquired citizenship. Though his mother was struggling with English, Tack didn't talk much to begin with and picked it up fairly quickly. He was enrolled in a local middle school and tried to enjoy it, but he didn't find the set of characters who accompanied school hours very nice, or even interesting for that matter--except for a bow-legged boy named Sampson, who was very nice and was trying to get him to go to Long Island with him for a few days that summer, being surprisingly demanding about it.
So Tack asked his mother about it, and she consented; two weeks after school let out, he was heading to Montauk, Long Island on a bus with Sam and Sam's "father," who Tack had never met before--a short, similarly bow-legged man with a pinched face--and listening to Sam rant about something like forest preservation or birds. The bus stopped in the middle of the road, which was strange; stranger yet was his friend getting up and asking him to talk about something outside, as the boy's father stepped out of the vehicle and into forest along the side of the road.
But this was...the middle of the road? Why had the bus stopped? Why were they getting out of the bus? Why Sam talking about Greek gods? Why did lifting up his jeans to reveal fur? Where were they going, as Sam nudged him towards the part of the forest where his so called father had entered into? And why was there a magical, invisible entrance there to a strange pocket dimension called Camp Half-Blood?
He discovered that the place was not, in fact, a pocket dimension, and that Sam's father was a bad actor and him getting off the bus before them was out of apathy towards Tack's confused, panicking mental state at the time, and that as a half-blood Son of Hephaestus-maybe not a powerful one, but a growing one-his scent was becoming stronger, and that stopping in the middle of the road outside the not-quite pocket dimension was necessary for survival. He called his mother some time after he arrived to explain these new bits of information to her (who was as surprised as him, not having known the fiancé who left her years ago was a god)

RP Example: Before coming in, Tack stuck his head into the room to check for potential threats and took a utility hammer out of his back pocket (just in case a fight was necessary.) Seeing there was no one there, he walked into the room with a hint of caution before setting his backpack on the floor and retrieving a piece of bread out of the cupboard to give his pet mouse. It had been a long day, and he was tired. It wasn't long before he had crashed on the frame-less twin bed shoved in a far corner. Just before he went under, a thought crossed his mind; Why does it seem like the mouse is the only one besides me who sees the things that I do? But Tack was sure he wasn't crazy, and the thought retreated to the back of his mind before he could ponder it any longer.

Any notes about your characters: Based off of Tack the Cobbler from Richard Williams’ The Thief and the Cobbler.

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Re: [WIP] Tack Aahil :: Hephaestus

Post by moriarty on 7/12/2014, 4:40 pm

Hi! Welcome to CHB!
Nice first form!

For his powers, how often can he do this, and cooldown in between?

So he sailed on a fishing boat to America from Syria?

How did he get to CHB?

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Re: [WIP] Tack Aahil :: Hephaestus

Post by zedfire on 7/14/2014, 5:31 am

Edited; I decided to rewrite the history entirely. Too many plot holes.

And I apologize for my poor grammar and crumby sentence structure--it's about 5:30 am and I haven't slept  (ㅇㅅㅇ❀)

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Re: [WIP] Tack Aahil :: Hephaestus

Post by Morgan Landry on 7/14/2014, 6:16 am


∆ When you say he builds advanced technology, can you give an example?

∆ Doesn't his mother know he's at Camp?

The rest looks good :) nice job!
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Re: [WIP] Tack Aahil :: Hephaestus

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