The stars are alive with the magic of believing.

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The stars are alive with the magic of believing.

Post by Toothless on 8/5/2014, 2:32 pm

Jazzy's Rp Invite!
Hello there lovely! How are you doing this fine day? I suppose you are here because you would like to role play with someone. Well then, welcome! Allow me to tell you a little bit about my posting style. The length of my posting really depends on the role play, but I can do anywhere from 30 to 150 words per post, but I like to go in the 75 - 100 range. I will most likely reply to you in about ten or twenty minutes unless I really have something to say in which case it could take me a half an hour to get all of my ideas out. I'm not really specific on the length of time that the role play goes on, I've done role plays that have lasted month as well as I have done role plays that have lasted a few days. Whenever the story runs out I guess is totally fine with me. I prefer to post in third person if possible, I just think that there is more to say when you write it in that manner. I write in a third person limited, of course. Also, I am open to using more than one character in a single role play, but it could take me longer to post that way since I have to coordinate what the two or three are doing and if they react to each other, in what way should they react according to their personalities? Just to let you know my characters are mostly dancers as they are easier for me to work with. So yea, let's take a lookie at my limited amount of characters!

Annabeth Young
Annabeth Young is a 15 year old daughter of Hermes. She was born in France in December. She has a slightly French accent to her and can speak it fluently. She came from a bad home, her mother was cruel as well as her two siblings. Annabeth loves to dance as it was her way to express herself, she could find who she was. Annabeth is a girl of few words, and usually those words are something deep and meaningful. She doesn't trust people often, so don't try to befriend her very quickly. It's best to approach her like a little puppy, let her attempt to warm up to you. She has blue and black hair and blue eyes. She's also sporty, creative, and she loves to be outside at night.

Bella Smith
Bella Smith is a 15 year old daughter of Apollo. She was born in the US, is a ballerina, and dances with a passion. She is a bit of a nerd and a know it all, getting 95 or above on most of her tests. Of course this has sometimes not been a great thing as she likes to correct people. She is really quite bubbly and fun once you know her, and she really quite enjoys reading. Bella is also quite fond of pets, including her cocker spaniel puppy, Kelly. She lived in Virginia with her three little siblings and mother. Constant bickering in the household is what caused Bella to wind up at Camp Half Blood. Good thing? Perhaps... Bella has blonde hair and hazel eyes. She likes to be outside in the sunshine, she's very artistic and athletic.

Jasmine Smith
Jasmine Smith is a 17 year old daughter of Demeter. She is from the US and is very bubbly, bright, and artistic. She spends most of her time painting in her art room. It was a room in her fathers penthouse overlooking the high rises of New York City, where they lived. She's not very smart, but she is determined and keeps trying. She loves people, and has a lot of friends. She will probably come right up to you and introduce herself. Jasmine just really loves to meet people, and she is protective and trusting of everyone she meets. Jasmines hair is naturally light blonde, but it has been tortured by hair dye since she was 13. It is now a mix of pink, lavender, and baby blue. She also shows a pair of stunning hazel eyes, and loves to play outside at a park.

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