Matthew Averill

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Matthew Averill

Post by Samus on 9/1/2014, 11:12 pm

Name: Matthew C. S. Averill
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue-Gray
Hair: Blonde
Height: 6' 0"
Body Type: Slim
Skin Color: White
God Parent: Acheron
Mortal Parent: Katie Averill
Country of Origin: USA (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Pets: None
Talents: Getting through large crowds, archery, knife-throwing, persuading people, surviving in a number of catastrophic situations (lost in the desert, plane crash, stranded on an island, etc.)
Weapon: Stygian Iron Bow and Arrows. His quiver is magic and never runs out of arrows. The bow is 3 feet long and the arrows are 1.5 feet long.
Personality: Matthew is extremely antisocial but is trying to be more social and contribute to the society a bit more. He likes to disappear frequently to the forest. He never likes to stay in one place and hates to be criticized, though he does it all the time.
Flaws: All the obvious ones. He's antisocial, independent, grouchy, rude, and downright mean. He won't fight monsters for the benefit of good and only does it for fun because he sees himself in them.
Powers: He can shadow travel up to 5 miles at a time and needs a 30 minute break in between travels. If he points at something, it will fell like pharaoh ants are biting them along their neck, arms and legs. This lasts for 10 minutes and can be reversed by touching the head, lips and chest of the victim and breathing the pain, so to speak. This can only be done by Acheron children.
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