It depends on your point of view.

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It depends on your point of view.

Post by Edgar Allan Poe on 9/19/2014, 10:49 pm

Hey guys (and specially, the main staff of this forum). A  while ago I wrote a short horror story based on the myth of Persephone (have you ever realized how disturbing that is?) and posted it on my blog, in my first language. People really liked - perhaps it was one of the best things I've ever written, even though the end was too sudden. Anyway, I'd like to translate it and post on the "Stories" section. I thought it would be interesting to fans of PJO and horror. I had to write the whole myth so the readers of my blog could understand it, it was really frustrating. The problem is that, this is a family forum, there are many children here, and as you would expect from any decent horror story, it's not for children. It's not completely gore or NSFW, it's just kinda heavy. Specifying, it contents: kidnapping and a girl being tied up  without being abused (duh), rape insinuations (not properly a s*xual relation, far from that, just a few insinuations), sacrifice rituals (you know, stabbing, blood drinking, all that cliché) and suicide described in a very poetic way. I wouldn't call it inappropriate, but that's just my opinion. Maybe I could put an advice: +16 only (that's quite enough).

Here's the original link, just in case someone wants to take a look at it or translate it terribly with Google Translator:
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