the jesus of suburbia - lou hiatt (remake)

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the jesus of suburbia - lou hiatt (remake)

Post by Watsky on 9/22/2014, 5:22 pm

Name: This character's birth name, the one on his birth certificate, is Lewis Spielberg. However, our protagonist truly hates his name. He despises his last name especially. He isn't related to the filmmaker, so it just sounds stupid. He's not too fond of Lewis either, but he likes it enough to tweak it just a little bit. He has gone by Lou for the last four years of his life, but when he turned eighteen, he legally changed his name to Lou Hiatt. It has a certain ring to it.
Gender: This character is a cis male with he/his/him pronouns. He would like to keep it that way, too.
Mortal Parent: This wonderful little boy here came from the womb of Adriana Spielberg. She's fairly tall for a woman, standing at five feet and eight inches. She had decent curves, especially after giving birth. Her hair is just like her son's, dirty blonde. It reaches her shoulders in subtle waves. Her eyes, however, are a constant shade of grassy green. The blue must have come from Hermes.
She grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with a family with a mom, a dad, and four boys. She was the third child. She always loved Detroit, since was a little girl. As a teenager, she would sneak out to wander around the city. She was not surprised that Lou left when he did.
She met Hermes while she was in college, and quickly fell in love with him, and vice-versa. But we all know how it works.
God Parent: Hermes, god of messengers, travelers, and thieves.
Date of Birth: Lou was born on July 14th of 1995, at seven PM.
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan, in a nice private hospital where he was received with love.
Hometown/Last Residence: He has lived in Detroit his entire life. For most of his life he lived in the poorer areas, near train tracks and the occasional drug dealer. Since he lived near train tracks, the sound of a train horn is comforting and helps him sleep sometimes.
Race/ethnicity: Caucasian, the whitest of the white. He never did take much sun.
Accent: He doesn't think he has one. He says one or two words in a peculiar way, but for the most part he has the standard Colorado accent we Americans tend to have.
Skin Tone: Lou is pale, but not too pale. Most of the time. In the right lighting and if he hasn't been taking care of himself, he will look sickly. And honestly, it happens a lot.
Eye Color: His eye colour ranges from sapphire blue to icy blue. During winter, his eyes are usually very light, almost grey color. During summer, they may have a green tint to them. They are darkest during spring, when they are the color of blue jeans. The only time they are sapphire is during spring, and he has a significant amount of adrenaline in his system.
Hair Color: Naturally, Lou's wonderful, totally healthy hair is dirty blonde, with a few bright blonde strands. He dyed it black when he was fifteen and has had it that way since. A few times he has experimented with different colors like blue, red, and pink. He bleached it back to blonde a few times, eventually always reverted back to black.
Hair Length: When not spiked up, his fringe reaches his eyebrows, barely. In the side, it goes halfway down his ears, and in the back, the lowest point is halfway down his neck. But he usually wears it spiked up in a fuzzy sort of style
Height: Six feet, three inches.
Weight: 138 lbs. This fluctuates.
Body Type: Lou is just barely underweight, but he does have a little bit of muscle. He looks skinny, and he is. He has fairly broad shoulders, and average sized hips. He wears size small shirts.
Appearance: Lou has a distinct style that is all his own. Mostly because it stopped being cool seven years ago. He likes to wear lots of eyeliner, all the time. He goes through like one pencil every two months. Along with that, he wears a significant amount of black. Sometimes he wears white. It's rare, but refreshing, to see him wear color. Sometimes he'll wear a red tie with a black shirt and dress pants. His style is heavily influenced by Green Day's "American Idiot," although he doesn't listen to them very much anymore. He doubts it will change anytime soon.
Since coming to New York City, he has had some trouble staying completely clean. His hair will often be greasy, and his fingernails always have dirt beneath them.
Weapon: He has two daggers always at hand. One is a celestial bronze, double sided dagger. One edge is serrated, the other is not. Its brother is nearly the same, but made out of steel instead of bronze. Both daggers have Hermes' symbol carved into the blade near the hilt.
Armor: He feels as if armor just weighs him down.
Pet(s): N/A
-Guitar: Lou learned to play guitar when he was thirteen, and loves it. He plays it whenever he can. His electric guitar is white with silver pickups, and a black pick guard. The strap for that one is pine green with red peppermint stripes all along. His acoustic guitar is a yellow-y color, with a black pick guard. The guitar has steel strings. Its strap is black with small Batman symbols all over. He taught himself to read sheet music when he was fifteen.
-Combat: While never classically trained, Lou definitely knows what to do in a fight. He is swift and fast, almost always one step ahead. He is not the strongest. If he feels he could not take his opponent by punches or kicks alone, he knows where and how to strike to stun, knock out, and even kill a person. Fortunately, he hasn't killed anyone so far.
-Daggers: Lou has two daggers. He rarely double wields them, as many of his enemies can only be hurt by one or the other. He does know how, however. He is very skilled with his knives, knowing how to be swift and strike correctly, learning through lots of trial and error.
-Lying: Lou is a master of deceit. He's been lying for as long as he can remember. He has become so good at lying that sometimes he forgets that he lies. Heís not the best, most believable liar either. Sometimes he over-exaggerates, and especially talented lie-spotters will catch him.
-Stealing; This just comes with being a son of Hermes. Heís fast and quiet when in the act. usually he steals small things like cigarettes and snacks, just for the hell of it. He has stolen big things like TVs and game consoles, but he left these things in Detroit. He has stolen cars three times in his life to go joyriding.
-Impulsive: Often, Lou will do things just to do it, regardless of whether or not it could kill him. IN fact, if it has a higher chance of killing him, thereís a higher chance he will try it. Heís also very sensitive to peer pressure, which adds to this. He wonít do what people say to seem cool, he could care less about that. Itís more of an adrenaline rush thing, and itís so much more fun with other people.
-Liar: While this is a skill he values, it often causes problems for our little Lou. He has a tendency to create very intricate webs of lies. When this happens, usually several people get mad at him. Heís been jumped a few times.
-Distrusting: Lots of events in Louís life contribute to this specific personality trait. Mostly, Louís just afraid of abandonment. When said like that, it sounds whiny and Lou would never admit it. He doesnít get close to people. He just doesnít. He used to, and they hurt him time and again.
Most of his relationships have been less than healthy. His mom didnít always let him know what a good relationship was, but it wasnít completely her fault. When Lou began dating somewhat seriously, hormones took over, as they usually do, and Lou wasnít always sure what was happening. Heís been cheated on, blamed, and yelled at in his young relationships. As a result, heís not one for relationships even as an adult. And if he does have one, it tends to be physical, hurting both of them. He just doesnít get his emotions involved anymore. Sure, he has nothing left to lose, but itís easier that way.
However, this doesnít mean heís completely cold. There are people who manage to become his friends in a weird mutually self destructive way. Lou hates it, but these people hold big piece of his heart, and heís so protective of them. He left many back in Detroit, which caused pain, but hey, heís used to it.
-Egotistical: While Lou may be heartbroken and hurt, he is nothing short of confident. And while he knows better than to get into situations he canít handle (usually) those situations seem to flock to him.
Itís somewhat of a defense mechanism for him. In physically challenging situations, such as a monster attack, or an especially strong opponent, Lou tends to boast and show off his skills. Sometimes this brings victory. Sometimes he gets a fat lip and knocked out.
In intellectual situations, he is no different. He feels more cunning and clever than his opponent and usually can handle himself, but, as always, there will be those more cunning.
-Scars on face: Lou used to get in lots of fights. Consequently, heís gotten quite a number of hits to the face. His most noticeable scars include a long, white scar along his forehead, on the left. Itís about two inches long, and two millimeters wide.
He has another beneath his lip on the right side. It looks like a whole, and is four millimeters across.
The third most noticeable scar is a pink, raised line running along his jaw, from his ear to right beneath his chin.
-Scars on legs: On his thighs are soft, round, burn marks, ranging in color from white to brown, to fresh red. These are caused by his sometimes compulsive, sometimes intentional self harm. Since he is a smoker, he will sometimes put out his cigarettes on his legs. It will burn him and create nasty marks, which most likely will get infected.
-Conduct Disorder: Lou has conduct disorder, adolescent-onset type. ďConduct Disorder is characterized by a repetitive and persistent pattern of behavior in which the basic rights of others or major age-appropriate societal norms or rules are violatedĒ x He meets six of the criterion, including destruction of otherís property, shoplifting, and running away.
-Kleptomaniac: He has many symptoms of being a kleptomaniac. He feels tense immediately before a theft, and feels satisfaction right after. x
-Speed: Lou moves faster from lots of practice. He can run faster than most people, and his movements seem to happen in a blink of an eye. It makes it easier to dodge and hide when he needs to.
-Cunning: Lou is always on top of his game, and is quick minded. Along with the webs of lies he spins so often, he often weaves a plan, whether to hurt or save people. (But donít get confused, he doesnít help just anyone.)
-Stubborn: Lou is very difficult to change, even if itís for his own good. He sticks with his principles, plans, and Ďmorals.í Of course heís matured and changed these things every so often by his own account. Having control over that gives him peace of mind.
-Stubborn: While this is a strength, it hinders him in many ways, and may get into fights simply because of a differing opinion.
-Arrogant: He is incredibly highly thinking of himself, even if itís not true. He thinks he can beat anyone in a fight with his skeletal body simply because of his speed, or cunning. He always has his strengths outweigh his weaknesses, and may overestimate his actual strength.
-Narcissistic: Lou is very self obsessed, and hates it when people think less of him. He finds himself staring into mirrors and in his life, he puts himself first before many other people. The most important thing in his life is himself, and he really doesnít see a problem with that.
-Silent steps.: Lou has the power to silence his steps
unlocking by touch, more speed
Social Status: Disliked
Summer or Year Rounder: Comes and goes.
Years at Camp: Half a year
Life Before Camp:
Role-playing Example:
-FC: Lou Taylor Pucci in the Jesus of Suburbia video by Green Day.
-Aromantic: Meaning he does not feel romantic attraction. He currently does not know he is aromantic, so he may be in a seemingly romantic relationship, but he does not truly feel those feelings of romance. No romantic relationships after he realises he is aromantic.


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