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Post by kayt smells on 9/28/2014, 11:36 am

Okay, so Idk what this is but i had a dream last night and it was absolutely terrifying. What do you guys think?

So it started when i was walking with this guy (i know him in real life) and we were going to starbucks. All of a sudden, I just fall and hurt my ankle. So he is helping me go to the hospital and like in the waiting room, there is some really sick looking people. They had similar bite marks on their hand, and they almost look non-human. So I get seated and get called and they wrap my ankle, and blah blah blah. So on the way out the ER door you could hear screams and so Jake and I started to run (my ankle magically healed? lmao.) Thats when we saw it. Just 3 dead looking people. Walking towards us. Jake and I run towards my house, he jumps the fence for his house and I jump the fence too. So we are in his house, but HIS parents have been infected. We are surrounded by zombies and i was crying. We then killed his parents, and ran to my house (aout 5 minutes away.)

In those five minutes i was running, we encountered 3 zombie attacks. One i recognized as my best friend. I tired to call out to her, but i lost her. We arrive at my house and after going inside my dad nearly shot the heads off of Jake and I, thinking we were zombies. I was safe at home with my family.

So the City decided to do something. They dug a hole for 500 people, letting children and women in first. Anyone under the age of 15 could come in first. My friend was safe and so was I. We had enough food for everyone, for only 2 weeks. The zombie attack wouldn't be finished by the time the food ran out. My brother was with me, and my mom was further up and we lived there for about a week. The zombies had found us. It was certain death, but the zombies cleared out, noticing that they couldn't get anyone with the collapsing. After escaping with Jake and my brother. We ran to my house and i was holding rusty.

When we got to the garage, (the shelter holding a year's worth of food) we found out my mother was dead. I started to cry, really hard. And i had to be quiet so. My dad said he was going to run into the house (seriously 5 seconds away) and grab more food. When he came back he was bit, there was zombies in our house. He kissed me on the cheek same with my brother. Since he was already bit he brought my violin, pillows, blankets, and some food. He did what was right. He went outside, and dove off the roof. He did a suicide mission to not turn into a zombie. I was heartbroken. Both my parents gone. I had to hold onto my brother. We lived in my garage for about 4 months. We then heard a helicopter. They were yelling for us to climb in. Apparently the zombie infested city had been blocked off ages ago and they were going to bomb the city trying to remove the zombies. They were rescuing survivors. As we were going up the latter, my brother slipped a little and caught him by the arm. I was just about distance from a zombie that came out. His foot was right where he could get bit, and with my little strength i could not pull him far enough from the zombie. My brother was bit. I screamed out and tried to reach for him, loosing my balance, and i fell with him. The moment i was bit, good memories flew through my body.

The only good memory i remember was when my little brother was born. And his first laugh.

And then i was turned and I woke up.

This is without all the details, I am pretty sure i forgot two or more scenes. I woke up in the middle and fell back asleep and the dream continued.

I woke up shaking and crying. I stayed up for an hour, too scared to fall back asleep. When i went back to sleep, i cant remember anything. I am happy about that.
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Re: Weird

Post by Rhyolo on 9/28/2014, 11:53 am

Holy craps

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