tangled in the great escape

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tangled in the great escape

Post by Marceline on 10/25/2014, 2:59 am

well don't you say I had a part of it. guess we'll never know. or would you say I had a part of it? well I guess we'll never know. constant recovery. I see you choke and it takes my breath away. but all is good, we close close our eyes. they all accept the lie. so bury what you are outside. brother promise you won't leave me. I know you're tortured within, and your eyes look hungry again. but I'll never wander my friend. will somebody believe this is suicide? am I the only one who thinks that you should stay alive? I became the shame that you backed up on the ropes to arm yourself and hide. and so I scream, "mayday, I'm in trouble, send somebody on the double." scratching at the floor inside my mind. they all accept the lie. so bury what you are outside. brother please don't be afraid of me. I know you're tortured within and your eyes look hungry again. but I'll never wander my friend. I let you down and I started to run. never meant to be your pain. oh my god, what have I become. show me and show me the way back home. I know you're tortured within and your eyes look hungry again. but i'll never wander my friend. no, i'll never wsnder again. this is not what I want, but now its what I need. can I just have one more taste. just to make it through the day. you're tangled in the great escape. the great escape. I never meant to hurt nobody. I never meant to hurt you, no. I only meant to do this to myself. the great escape. let me out of this.

Name: Jaime Tessa-Quinn Pérez. Obviously chosen by her father. Jaime is Spanish and is actually a masculine name. But her father wanted that name for her and stuck with it even though he had seen the disappointment on his parents faces. It is pronounced as hi-me, they both - they as in Jaime herself and her dad - would explain to people that it's like you are saying hi to yourself.  Jaime is a spanish version of James, they highly doubt there are any females with the name James. Though people would not know unless they were Spanish or Mexican.
Tessa-Quinn is two names put together. It forms the name of her mother, Iris, who had chosen to call herself Tessa Fauna Quinn. It was quite a lovely name and suited her quirky side. Her father wanted to have both her parents involved with her name in any way.
Pérez is the last name she was stuck with. She did not think of it as a bad thing, it is her history and family name anyways and she loves the family she has.

Gender: If you were Mexican (or Spanish) and you had just heard her name you probably would have thought that Jaime was a male. Nope, despite the name she is a female, tits and all.

Date of Birth: Jaime was supposedly born on the twelfth of December, making her a star sign a Sagittarius. She is also fifteen; nearly turning sixteen.

Mortal Family: Father: Victor Maxwell Pérez. He usually goes by Vic though. He is a good parent when he gets the chance to look after Jaime. If you were to categorize him as a parent he would be between the jellyfish and parent coach. He would support his daughter when he could but he let her do what she wanted. When she got in trouble he would usually let it slide a bit and say "she will learn from them.." though she never really did.
Vic has a roundish shape face and is a light brown color. He is slightly muscular and is also a singer/guitar player in an alternative punk rock band. That's basically why she likes that kind of music so much.

God Parent: Iris, the goddess of rainbows and messenger for the gods. Otherwise known as Tessa Fauna Quin by Jaime's father.

Place of Birth: To everyone she knew that was mortal she was born in Mexico. Though she was born where ever Iris was at the time.

Hometown/Last Residence: She moved from Culiacán, Mexico to San Diego, California as her father wanted her to both have a good education and live with him. So San Diego became her new hometown.
Her last residence was her house in San Diego.

Race/Ethnicity: She would be in the brown race like her family. The obvious ethnicity you may know already is that she is half Greek obviously getting this from her mother. The less obvious one would be that she is part Mexican. She gets the Mexican from her father who got it from his parents and so on. She does not know what other ethnicities she is, it is so much easier saying she is Mexican rather saying I'm like ten percent Indian and five percent american because it would be much to complicated for people.

Accent: American and Mexican, like her father really. She has spent little time in Mexico to get the accent though she has got it from her grandparents who spoke Mexican mostly. Due to moving to america at a young age and growing up surrounded by american people the american accent slightly rubbed off on her.

Eyes: Mostly a hazel colour but has a slight blueish greenish colour coming from the outer of her iris.

Hair: Naturally a brown color known as Havana brown though she dyes it an arrange of colours from blue to green to red. She started dying her hair just a few months ago and at the moment it is a light pink, making it look like candyfloss. Her hair is straight though not perfectly straight, slightly wavy at times. Her hair is the average length - well, to her anyways - falling midway of her shoulder blades. Though there are bits at the front that reach her shoulders due to the way she styles her hair.

Body: She has an athletic body type but it is becoming slightly lean. She nearly always weighs herself because of her self consciousness and can easily say that she weighs sixty five kilograms. She is also an average height but is nearly as tall as her dad who is about five foot eleven inches making her five foot ten or one hundred and eighty centimetres tall. Her skin is also a light brown color, sometimes looking like a deep tan.

Appearance: She gets most of her appearances from her dad and not so much from her mum. She has her mothers eyes, a hazel colour mostly with a slight blue-ish green-ish colour coming in from the outer iris of her eyes. She sometimes wished she looked more like her father though with brown eyes but she also likes her eyes because they're different. She has nice light brown skin and her hair ised to be a brown color, now a candyfloss pink. She is five foot eleven inches in height and has a slight hourglass figure, the slightest bit noticeable.
Jaime has

Owns: pets: she does not own any pets though she would like one. She has never had a pet though she used to feed this stray cat when she was four in Mexico. Sadly, it died.
weapons: She fights only with a whip. She hopes to have another weapon in the future maybe even made by her own two hands. It is made of celestial bronze like most of the other weapons the other campers at camp half-blood owns. The normal length of her whip is two meters but it can extend to a maximum of four meters. It will instantly wrap around anything touches. Though if the object is wider than four meters then it won't be able to wrap around that object.

Skills/Talents: skills: Jaime has mostly musical skills which she has picked up from her father and uncle. These skills include being able to play guitar - not bass guitar, only acoustic and electric - and drums. Her father would always play her a song on his guitar and she would always like to fiddle with the strings. She began to learn at a very young age of eight. She was a little older when she began learning drums and was helped by her uncle. Jaime also has skills on acting. She began acting when she started high school, joining things like productions/plays where she learned how to dramatize a scene or make it less dramatizing. She also picked up a bad skill of lying. This came to her quickly as she got older, having to think up believable excuses for things such as why she was late, why she didn't come to school etcetera.
talents: A talent she has nearly always had was singing. Of course she would sing as a child - as most children do - though it was not until she went through some sh*t that she began to express her singing styles more. Another one would be her artistic talent. Being a visual thinker helps her too. She is mostly into cartooning but she does not mind doing other arty things such as sculpting, painting, etching etcetera.

Flaws: Her first flaw would be her fear of snakes. Pretty random but it's still her flaw. Dependant/Fear of being alone.
physical: Jaime has grown used to this physical flaw; a slight gap between her front teeth. It is quite small being only between one and two millimetres wide.

Strengths & Weaknesses: strengths: she is pretty social and this is obviously a major way to gain friends and popularity. That's always a positive thing.

weaknesses: her rebellious attitude. some people think of this a surprise and are a bit off by it, though not all people...

Likes: Here is a list of things Jaime likes...
~ Bands. Proper bands like Mayday Parade, Black Veil Brides, Bring Me The Horizon, The Used, Sleeping With Sirens, We Came As Romans, Pierce The Veil, The 1975 (sort of..), Fall Out Boy, You Me At Six, All Time Low, Tonight Alive etcetera.
~ Her family. She couldn't live without them, seriously, she would do anything to stay with them.
~ Art. This seems to be one of the ways to express herself and a talent which keeps her from becoming bored.
~ Fun. When I refer to fun I mean the rebellious kind, where you could get into trouble and what-not.
~ Singing. She's a good singer and it helped her through escape rough situations. A better solution than cutting.
~ Music. Another thing that helped her through rough situations. She likes to play guitar and can also play drums.
~ Hair Dye. She dyes her hair quite a lot and she just likes the colours.
~ Colours. Who would want a black and white world?

Dislikes: Here is a list of things that Jaime does not like much...
~ Boybands. They're the worst type of music she has ever known of. They shouldn't even be called a boyband because most boybands don't even play their own instruments. She just doesn't like their pop music. Sure there are a few good looking guys in them but.. no.
~ People who fake serious social issues. Because they don't know what it really feels like
~ Liars. This sort of makes her a hypocrite. But as long as you have good reasons for lying then she's fine with it, because she has good reasons. well, a good reason.
~ Cherry flavoured food. For example cherry coke. It tastes horrible to her, it doesn't even taste like cherries, more like disgusting medicine. Like the doctor was trying torture her.
~ Perfectionists. She gets a tad annoyed by their fussiness and tidyness, not saying she's untidy. She just doesn't like how they care about those very small details. Though she's like this when it comes to anything artistic.

Fears: She has a few fears which are also - obviously - included as flaws to her, making her try and get rid of these fears. She has a fear of being alone. She needs friends support and she could not stand being the only one who does not have their "other half", she is quite dependant. She would most likely cry and be stressed out.
She has a fear of snakes. No-one really knows why she has a snake phobia, but she does. Probably because of the fact that they are fast and could kill you within a second if they're poisonous or strangle you to death. When she sees one she may instantly try run away and if that is not an option then she would probably end up crying or hyperventilate.

Personality: To give it the most simplest way I can she is a "good girl", see those quotation marks? Keep that in mind if you ever have to meet her. When you first see her that is the first thing you will think of her. She would think you're judgemental but wouldn't blame you, because that's the impression she wants on people. It makes her look good. Which makes her approachable, which makes her gain friends and so she won't be alone.
As soon as she is alone with a few - or less - people she will cause a bit of trouble and her true personality will shine through her good girl act. She is slightly rebellious and loves the thrill of adventure. With this trait she is also daring.

Powers: Jaime has only two powers and are not really helpful when she is fighting. One of them is being able to turn an object rainbow coloured. It isn't really helpful but she finds it quite cool. Plus she likes colourful things so she likes her powers. The largest object she could use this power on would be a maximum of one meter in height and two meters in width. The rainbowness would last for two minutes. She has to be within a three meter distance to have the ability to change that object rainbow coloured, though she can change it by touching the object as well.
Her other power is having the ability to create a rainbow. Of course she would need to have sunlight and mist, like the normal kind not the magical kind. The maximum size her rainbow can be is a length of fourty centimetres and a width of ten centimetres. Along with being able to create the rainbow she can also manipulate it. She can only move it around not make it wrap around other objects as it disappears when it touches another object. It will also disappear if there is no more sunlight or vapour. It will last for a maximum for thirty if it isn't doing anything. She can only do this two times a day and must have a rest of twenty minutes between every use.  

Other: Jaime stays at camp in the summer. It was quite a hard decision for her. She did not want to put her family in danger though she knew her family would be disappointed that she would not visit them and she does not want that. So she stays with her family for the other three seasons because she could not stand living without them, especially her father. Sometimes she will go with her father to some of his performances.
She has been at camp for only one summer, so she can not really say she has been at camp for a year.

Life Before Camp: She was born wherever Iris's place is. She was placed on her fathers doorstep in Mexico. Where she grew up in a town called Culiacán. Her father couldn't exactly look after her twenty-four seven as he was busy performing a concert or on tour. So he solved that problem by bringing his parents with him to look after her while he performed or letting them babysit when he couldn't. He loved her and always grabbed a chance to see her. He was a little confused about her mothers disappearance but over time the confusion just faded away.
As Jaime got older she was more involved in her fathers tours and music.

RP Example:

Notes: face claim is cher lloyd. the song at the beginning is tangled in the great escape by pierce the veil. the face claim I used for her dad is Vic Fuentes in pierce the veil.

Word Count: {minus quote and coloured bold words}  ____
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