Selene Yakuro Remake WIP

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Selene Yakuro Remake WIP

Post by Moshing Queen on 11/2/2014, 3:56 pm

Name: Her name is Selene May Yakuro. Selene was her fathers idea and May is her mothers. Yakuro is her fathers last name.
Gender: Selene is a female.
Mortal Parent: Her mortal parent is named Andrew Yakuro. He met Chione on a cold winter day. He was 23 when Selene was born. He currently lives in Portland Oregon. He was born in Japan to Yukiko and Hiei Yakuro. He works at Monster Donuts in down town Portland.
God Parent: Chione, she’s the daughter of Boreas, the windy God of Winter. She is also known as Khione. Chione is the goddess of snow.
Date of Birth: Selene was born May 13, 1999 making her 15 years old.
Place of Birth:  She was born in Tokyo Japan. When she was a child her father and her moved  to America were she was raised, but she still know how to speak is Japanese and  English.
Hometown/Last Residence: She lives in Portland Oregon. Portland is located in the United States of America.
Race/ethnicity: She is Japanese.
Accent: She has a slight accent, but is understandable most of the time.
Skin Tone: She has pale skin from her mother.
Eye Color: Her eyes are blue. More specifically icy blue.
Hair Color: She has blonde hair with highlights of different shades of blonde.
Hair Length: It goes about half way down her back. It is thick and naturally wavy.
Height: She is 5'6. In centimeters she is 167.64 centimeters. Finally in inches she is 66 inches.
Weight: She weighs 145 pounds or 2320 ounces.
Body Type:
Social Status:
Summer or Year Rounder:
Years at Camp:
Life Before Camp:
Role-playing Example:

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