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Nathan Bradley Axe | Dionysus // WIP

Post by Jaydess on 11/3/2014, 6:14 pm

Niall   Bradley   Axe

Son of Dionysus

name → Nathan Bradley Axe
age → 16
gender → male
origin → usa
mortal parent → Madison Axe
immortal parent→ Dionysus

eyes→ cow eyes; big and brown, ranging from a light hazel to a dark brown.
hair→ dirty blonde, light brown. What he does is he gels the front up, which he keeps a bit long, but the rest of his hair he keeps fairly short
height→ 5'11"
body type→ Not exactly scrawny, but not exactly very muscular either
skin color→ a fair tan

personality → While Nathan is usually described as a very nice person, many adults(Nathan's past teachers for instance) would disagree. Nathan would much rather draw on the desk then complete a simple math problem. Hang out in the hallways rather than listen to a lesson. He didn't exactly agree with the rules. In fact, every year Nathan got a very large amount of detentions, for reasons coming from his working habits to his behavior habits.

While Nathan is considered a bad boy, his reputation carrying several small crimes and a nice amount of won fights, he can be very nice. Nathan is always respectful at first, to everyone. He is always respectful for woman, children, and his elders, but sometimes those of his own gender are asking for it. And if you ask for it, Nathan is going to give it to you. Nathan says he last resort is violence, and while most fail to believe him, it's true. See, when Nathan says that he's going to "fight"you, he doesn't exactly mean "fight". What Nathan tends to do, is cause a certain level of madness in his opponent, causing him to go crazy and not understand what is happening. Nathan continues to make it worse and worse until they ask for mercy, and he then cures them. And Nathan wins.

Nathan can be cruel, but as stated, it is only if they are asking for it. He is still a very nice-and weird- boy. Nathan always minds his manners around girls and tries to please them, doing whatever they ask. There is really only one bad thing that can happen between Nathan and a girl, and that is if he catches feelings for her. Nathan will become extremely awkward and weird, often making odd and unnecessary noises and weird movements. It usually ends up with Nathan walking away with embarrassment.

Nathan is however, the usual: A bad boy with a nice side. He cares for others, and enjoys revenge. He radiates a bright, intensifying party-like energy, and enjoys holding the door open for others. But he likes annoying teachers the most.

flaws →

powers →
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