Blood of Olympus best Ending Eva! (warning spoiler allert)

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Blood of Olympus best Ending Eva! (warning spoiler allert)

Post by Leo on 11/7/2014, 11:48 pm

Leo died....

alright I kinda cried... a bit, when he died with a ball of imperial gold that screams like a sissy girl (Octavian) lol. Okay, good he was resurrected by Festus with the physician's cure, and ejected face-first on the beach of Ogygia so his dreams of Calypso went real! Two Tima Suckas! All da people love Caleo! laughed at his entrance part hehehe. Alright I think I made a crime of spoiling you guys, it isn't a crime that I warned you by spoiler by spoiler security right?! have a nice day! tell me your Fav. part! in spoilers too! I kinda want to add an extra fan made chapter after that, it's kinda missing something, no crime for adding an extra chapter right!? Wait for it! it's coming!
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