living in ruins of a palace within my dreams

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living in ruins of a palace within my dreams

Post by Marceline on 11/15/2014, 1:57 am

Name: Regan Genesis Santos. Chosen by her mother. Her mother had chosen the name before she was born. Genesis - in greek - means birth and her last name has been past down from her mother who got it from her parents and so on. It has been passed down for many generations basically. If you wanted a deep meaning to why her mother chose it don't get too excited. Her mother just simply liked the sound of it.

Gender: Regan is definitely a female. She has all the physical features of a female so...

Date of Birth:

Mortal Family: mother: Estefani Santos. She is a good lady and it is pretty obvious that Regan got her looks from her. They have the same warm brown eyes, dark hair and tan skin. Regan has a lot of similarities with her mother on that note.
brother: Noah Santos: Her twin brother. Unfortunatley. To her he is so annoying, she denies that he's her brother too. He's just always there, whether it's a small party with her friends or a conversation with a cute guy.

God Parent: Hephaestus. The god of fire, forges, technology, volcanoes, craftsmen, sculptors and blacksmiths. She honestly doesn't see what her mother saw in him.. no offence.

Place of Birth:

Hometown/Last Residence:



Eyes: Regan has dark brown eyes which some people mistake as black.

Hair: She has a dark chocolate color for her hair that comes down to the middle of her back. Her hair is not perfectly straight as it can get a few waves in it from time to time.




Skills/Talents: skills:
talents: × Photography; she has a good talent for photography and can capture really good photos. She likes to take photos of many things and hopes to have shelves filled with all her captured memories.




Likes: this is a list of things she likes, not in order.
× Creating things; from small things to big things she loves to have her hands full of making and fixing  objects.
× Museums; she loves to look at all the amazing pieces of history.




Abilities: she can know how a machine works with a touch of a hand.
she can sense hidden mechanisms within a three metre distance around her

Powers: Pyrokinesis; she can create heat at a temperature of _ using her hands.
Technokinesis; she can manipulate/control machines in doing what she wants.


Life Before Camp:

RP Example:

Notes: fc is Shay Mitchell
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