huntress of truth

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huntress of truth

Post by Marceline on 12/6/2014, 4:02 am

name: my name is Anahera Elizabeth Winters. my first name means "angel" in māori and my last name I got from my father who was one of the very few people born half māori and english. over the years as the world became more modern people called me Ana for short.

physical age: i believe i look quite young, possibly near the age of thirteen and fifteen. in reality i am approximately ninety years of age.

gender: i am a female... aren't all hunter- sorry, huntresses - females?

eyes: my eyes are a light brown, close to a hazelnut color.

hair: my hair is a dark brown color

height: the last time I measured myself I was approximately one hundred and fifty centimeters.

body type: my body is naturally small though in other words I could say my body is between the shape of lean and athletic.

skin color: in winter i am naturally tan and in the summer season my skin goes into a browner color.

god parent: Aletheia, goddess of truth.

mortal parent: Tamati Winters

country of origin: new zealand. specifically in a town called __

pets: i don't own nikau, he just gladly follows alongside me. He is a ruru or a more pork or a New Zealand Owl, depends on what you want to call it.


weapon: i own a celestial bronze whip that is two meters in normal length but can extend to six meters. i was given the whip from my mother - Aletheia - when I was born. when it wraps around a person it has the power to make them tell the truth. {Like wonder woman's lasso}.
a silver bow and arrow, an average huntress weapon. i carry a maximum of thirteen arrows.
my last two weapons are silver daggers both thirty centimeters in length.

personality: i am quite shy when you first meet meet me. I will probably and most likely be the person hanging around the back of conversations, not wanting to say my own opinion about things which is sort of a bad thing. Once i warm up to you i will talk nearly non-stop about nearly everything. I am open and definitley an honest person and even though hoesty may seem like a good thing sometimes my brain doesn't know when to stop telling the truth. For example say we were in a situation with a monster and it wanted to now where something was, if it asked me directly then i would crack and tell it but if it wasn't then it would take me awhile to break under the pressure. Understand me?
Aside from being truthful, chatty and shy i am also mature which has grown on me since i joined the hunters. Apparentley i am also a good listener and can think things throgh before taking action.


abilities: ★ i can see how many times people have told the truth in their lives - as a percentage or number - if I can physically touch them.
★ i can see if people are telling the truth to others. people who tell the truth radiate a silvery glow when I want to use this ability. this only works in a three meter distance.

life before hunt: i grew up in new zealand and was born in 1924. I can tell you now that things were much different then. But anyways, I grew up with my family - my father, brother and sister - in a town called __ for most of my life. Until, of course, the police came and took my father away.

rp example:

notes: face claim is grace hobson
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