Competitive Pokemon News

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Competitive Pokemon News

Post by High King Fridgeir on 12/11/2014, 4:31 am

Hello my citizens. I am here to bring you the news on competitive Pokemon throughout the inter-webs. This will range anywhere from Pokemon Showdown ladder rankings, major tournaments, general news involving new Pokemon and their effects on competitive play, and move sets to help you in tournaments*. These messages will be made once a week, and, during major tournaments, daily for you to get the latest news. So, on with the news.

With the release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, many new Pokemon have been made. Many of them are mega evolutions. What will this mean for competitive play? It means there will be more people using mega evolutions, making play with non-mega's harder. So if I were you, I would get a mega evolution on your team right now.

Along with new Pokemon, there has also been a new tier added. Let me explain why. The creators of Pokemon decided to make a mega evolution for the already, arguably, most powerful Pokemon out there. This mega evolution is called Mega-Rayquaza. Oh, but it gets worse. It doesn't use a mega stone to evolve, it uses a move. This move is called Dragon Ascent. Not only does it allow Rayquaza to mega evolve and still hold an item, it also hits like a truck. And the side effect? Less defense and special defense. Things that you don't need if you can murder everything with one move. But it gets worse. Rayquaza also has an ability called Delta Stream. It makes it so flying types pretty much have no weaknesses. So imagine your fighting a mega Rayquaza (higher stats then the mega Mewtwo's btw). You think you can kill it with a quick thunderbolt, yeah think again. Delta Stream makes you do normal damage. Then, it kills your Pokemon with Delta Stream in one shot. Finally, remember that small amount of damage you did? It was holding the leftovers, since it doesn't need a mega stone to mega evolve. So basically, it is a leftover eating killing machine that can... Not... Be... Stopped... Now, what does this have to do with the new tier? Well, Mega Rayquaza was the only Pokemon ever to be banned from the Ubers section. The section made for the overpowered and overused, banned Mega Rayquaza. But they still wanted him usable. So the new tier is called Anything Goes, where you can use any move, any Pokemon, anything.

My final news is Pokemon Showdown rankings. I will list the top 3 platers in both OU and Ubers.
1. Fateh
2. Doublade45
3. Subzeromkx
1. King Kruc
2. Level 56
3. Rarecandydrugger

So let me know what you think and what you want to see. I will put in anything if I think it belongs in competitive gameplay. So please comment, review, or tell me how I did.
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