Time travelling

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Time travelling

Post by Leo on 12/17/2014, 4:27 am

I made this topic coz I have been being a little naughty lately. I CAPSLOCK FOUGHT ON THE CHATBOX. Sorry sis, all my support to you came out all wrong. I'm not telling her name. So this is kinda what happened :

This user came, telling that she has this major problem.

Which turned out to be her, not crying over her passed overed grandma.

She said, that she cried over her dog which is not even her relative, then she didn't even dropped a single tear over her grandma.

Then we and Jake kinda had this quarrel while giving her some support, Then I ended up throwing this dam CAPSLOCK NONSENSENESS AT HER! I'm such an idiot.

I'm really pretty sorry of what happened back there.

So yeah, guys, have you ever dreamed of traveling back in time, just to see your passed loved ones. I did.

Look around you, any relatives, loved ones, moms, dads? Think of now as the past. The time that they're still dwelling lively upon the earth. The time that they're still alive, so alive that you could give them the last hugs and kisses before they die...

In this world, time is not a meaningful word. These are only phenomenons called happenings. These phenomenons, can be repeated, once done properly...

I love you guys,

"Supersized McShizzle"

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