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Post by Book_Luver222 on 1/15/2015, 9:30 am

Well, hello. Iím Book_Luver 222.

My only character (for right now) is Julie Sanders. She is bubbly and can be shy. To someone who knows her well she is very random and funny, to people who don't know her, she is quiet, shy, and sometimes a loner.
Link https://www.camphalfblood.org/t20976-julie-sanders-daughter-of-apollo

I am new to this world, but I am a pretty good write. I like post the are between 80 to 200. (more if you want) I would like someone who could be on at least 3 times a week. I may get kind of busy during the week, so I may not reply quick, but I usually do get free time.

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