Valeriya Yemelin

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Valeriya Yemelin

Post by Green on 1/30/2015, 4:36 pm

"Let swords rain from Asgard. Let the winds guide or arrows to the hearts of our enemies. "

Name: Valeriya  Von Yemelin. Her mom that it would be a pretty, yet threatening name.
Gender: Valeriya is a female demigoddess
Mortal Parent: Her father's name is Mejia Yemelin . He is originally from Scandinavia, but moved to Russia with his parents when he was little. He is currently forty-three years old  
God Parent: Her mother is Freya, Norse goddess of beauty, sorcery, fertility, gold, war and death. She is also the leader of the Valkyries.
Date of Birth: Valeriya Von Yemelin on February 7th, 1999.
Place of Birth: She was born in Asgard and was quickly sent down to earth to her father.
Hometown/Last Residence: The last place that Valeriya lived before going to camp was Stockhelm, Sweden.
Race/ethnicity: Valeriya is a mixture of Scandinavian, Russian, Swedish, and some other things.
Accent: Valeriya has a Russian accent.

Skin Tone: Valeriya was a pale skin tone that's almost as white as snow...but not quiet
Eye Color: She has these light blue eyes
Hair Color: Her hair is as white as the clouds above that hang as curtains of the heavens
Hair Length:Her hair comes down to her chest.
Height: Valeriya is 6'0, pretty tall for her age
Weight: She weighs around 149 lbs
Body Type: Valeriya was a sleak body structure.
Appearance: Valeriya is a very gorgeous daughter of Freya. Her light blonds hair goes with her  light, piercing blue eyes.  She has a proud stature of a child of war , her muscles tone defined with her posture erect. Her pale  skin tone reflects on how much sun she really gets, but that'll change once she starts to train at Camp Half-Blood. She is usually dressed in light armor wear insisting of chain mail and boots. Her hair is braided into a single braid which helps when she is training or battling against an  opponent. In her relaxed state, she may where a pair of jeans and a shirt with bangles on her wrists.

Weapon: Valeriya has a pair of Celestial bronze swords that have Norse inscriptions embedded in the handle. She also has a celestial bronze shield that she usually cares strapped to her back. The shield has a picture of Frigg weaving clouds into the skies pressed into it. She also has a celestial bronze dagger strapped to her belt.
Armor: Her armor consist of celestial chain mail, similar to the Viking's.

Pet(s): None.

-thick skulled
-hand to hand combat
- sword fighting
- crafting
- Cold days
Personality: Valeriya has an attitude of a warrior, strong, powerful, clever and brave. She usually shows these traits around strangers. ready slice someone up if they cross her. In the area, she shows off her skills against anyone who dares to challenge her. Valeriya tends to have  her  sarcastic moments, even around her close friends. Once she is in the presence of her friends, she isn't so ridged. Valeriya cuts loose some. When's she around a guy or girl that she likes, she then becomes flirtatious, twirling her hair or giggling like a school girl.

Powers: Battle Cry: Valyeria lets out a blood crudding scream that sounds like a hundred woman army. The scream lasts about fifteen seconds. She can do this twice a day. 170(Sound of a shot gun going off by your ear) is how loud the screech is. This can cause a recoil that can result in a five minute deaf period.

Social Status: She really isn't into the whole "Single-Category-slot-placement-thing." SHe can hang out with the Aphrodite's, but at the same time brawl with the children of Ares.
Summer or Year Rounder: Year Rounder
Years at Camp: 0
Life Before Camp: Freya gave birth to Valeriya Yemelin in Asgard on February seventh, nineteen ninety-nine. She was wrapped up in a blanket ans shipped down to Moscow, Russia where her father, Mejia, took care of her. At the age of seven, her and her father moved to Sweden where they stayed for the reminder of Valeryia's life. While in Sweden, her father worked as a business man in a large firm, making a good sum of money.
Role-playing Example: The time had come and Valeriya had gone up the hill of Camp Half-Blood. Why did she had to come here out of all places? There must be some type of camp for children of Norse gods. There has to be! Valeriya took in another step up the hill with both swords out just in case something was to go down. She had her shield strapped to her back and a dagger in the loop of her belt. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans, a long black shirt and combat boats. As she entered into the boarder of Camp Half-Blood, her eyes increased in size as she looked over at how big the camp really was. Valeyria took in a deep breath and walked toward what seemed to be, a really big house.
Notes: None.
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