WIP Jacob Alkaev - Thanatos

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WIP Jacob Alkaev - Thanatos

Post by AncientGreekGirl on 2/3/2015, 5:11 am

Name: Jacob Tyler Alkaev, otherwise known as Jay (to close friends and family)
Gender: Jacob is male
Mortal Parent: Quence Shay Alkaev was a poor woman with no job. Thanatos fell for her because every single one of her family members died in the bombing of Russia on June 28, 1997. Quence barely made it out alive. Thanatos saw her fleeing and decided to put in a good word for her family, so they might have a chance of getting into Elysium. Quence was a very nice woman, even though you could see the pain in her eyes, and she was a bit overprotective. She cared for Jacob more than the world, always putting his needs before her own, which ultimately lead to her death in 2003, when she starved from giving Jacob all the food they had. She had been doing this for several weeks, and it finally caught up to her on November 6 - Jacob's birthday.
God Parent: Thanatos, the God of Death
Date of Birth: 1997, November 6 - His current age is 17
Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia
Hometown/Last Residence: He was raised in New York City, New York, and that was also his last residency.
Race/ethnicity: Jacob is European, since Moscow is in the Europe section of Russia. Over all, though, he is Russian.
Accent: Jacob has a slight Russian accent that sometimes slips, making him hard to understand.
Skin Tone: Jacob has very pale skin, not quite albino, however.
Eye Color: Jacob has icy blue eyes, with a hint of stunning silver. They are very piercing.
Hair Color: His hair color is pitch black, like Death.
Hair Length: His hair is rather long for a boy. It is about 3 inches long, off the scalp. It is wild and untamable, although it is surprisingly straight.
Height: Jacob is tall, reaching about 6 feet and 2 inches.
Weight: He weighs about 220 lbs (pounds), give or take a few.
Body Type: He is built tall and thin, with small shoulders. He is strong, although he does not look it. His face is especially thin, with hollow cheeks, though not particularly long. His nose is a good size that fits his facial features. His cheekbones are rather sunken, like his hooded eyes.
Appearance: Jacob's usual appearance is all black - black t-shirt, black jeans, black clunky boots, and a black leather biker jacket that is too big on his small frame. He never bothers to comb his hair - he just runs a hand through it and he's done.
Weapon: His weapon of choice is a 4-foot long, Stygian Iron, double-ended blade that hangs from a sheath on his black belt. His back up weapons are Stygian Iron throwing knives.
Armor: Jacob's armor consists of a Stygian Iron helmet, Stygian Iron breastplate, and Stygian Iron greaves.
Pet(s): Jacob's small hell hound named Pitch is the most adorable thing you will ever see. She is quite small for a hell hound, only about the size of a large dog, but don't let that fool you - she's a fierce fighter and would kill her own mother for Jacob.
Skills/Talents: Jacob is a very good judge of character and is very good at hiding his emotions. Strangely, he his an amazing writer and loves to write poems, but that is his number one most closely guarded secret, and he will set Pitch on your trail if you tell anybody. When he first came to camp, he started training with the sword and throwing knives, with the help of the Ares and Apollo cabins. He is also good at archery, but he prefers to be up close and personal when he fights.
Flaws: Jacob is too suspicious, which deprives him of dearly-needed allies. He is independent and proud, which almost always leads to him in a situation he can't handle. When he is nervous, he slips into Russian. His physical flaw is that one leg is shorter than the other, resulting in multiple inquiries if he is injured, which in turn lead to an annoyed Jacob, which is something you don't want. It involves Pitch. He is also very stubborn, which on its own is a problem but also leads to stupid plans taking place instead of brilliant ones, which in turn results in the failure of a mission. Moral of the story: Never put Jacob in charge.  Smile
Strengths: Jacob is actually very nice once you get to know him. He is always shy, but under his hard outer shell is a giant golden heart. He does not fear death, which sometimes keeps him alive in battles. He is very smart - not Athena smart, but smart - and usually comes up with genius pans. He is also complicated and sneaky, which makes him the perfect spy during wars.
Weaknesses: People. He hates being around people. He is reclusive and anti-social, but still loves his friends. He is protective, like his mother, and would willingly sacrifice himself for his friends - if he had any, that is.
Social Status: In all forms of society, he is a loner. He has no friends and likes to stay n the shadows, so no wonder he got that title. But people are still afraid of him.
Summer or Year Rounder: Jacob is a year rounder because he has no family to see and no reason to leave camp
Years at Camp: Jacob has been at camp for 4 years; he came in January before he turned 14.
Life Before Camp:
Role-playing Example: Jacob loped around the side of the mess hall, followed by his dog, Pitch. He had wanted to leave her behind, but she followed him everywhere. It was impossible to go unseen with her, even if she did practically melt into the shadows. He was trying to leave before Chiron saw him, but apparently it wasn't working.
Notes: I had originally made Jacob a rather sad character more than anything else, but he turned out a lot like Nico. Wink

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