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Post by Summer on 2/3/2015, 12:14 pm

hello there

welcome to my character plotter
i currently have two characters active
feel free to plot with any of them!

sinéad caila frost
Sinéad is my quick-tongued, headstrong and resourceful daughter of Apollo who has her own mind about things and isn't easily influenced. She can however, be goaded into doing things she shouldn't be doing. Her bold nature causes her to basically do things friends randomly suggest, often to the shock of others.

friend: he's so irritating, i swear you should just shoot him and be done with it
sinéad: -automatically fits arrow and takes aim-
friend: wait wait stop no

She is luckier than most, but also has a tendency to rash or reckless behaviour and speech. And then she rushes about everywhere and forgets self-classified-non-important things.

» pretty preppy
» her words are several steps ahead of her thoughts
» tends to get into unwanted trouble
» not really concerned about cash
» has a tiger mustang called Tarquin
» rich family background

Let's go crash a car.

A monster hunting partner yay. Either a very good archer who can rival her, or someone who excels in another form of weapon and they can effectively cover each other's backs.

I'm also up for any other sort of interesting friendships you suggest.

Her careless way of speaking will def earn her a few enemies. But instead of the regular argument threads, let's have something more vicious, reminiscent of the relationship with her sister. she'll be like why does this keep happening to me

I'm also up for any other sort of interesting hateships you suggest.

Any sort of guy, but best is spontaneous, fun, smart and doesn't take life too seriously. They can do all sorts of ridiculous things.

sixteen • apollo

soledad montez
Soledad's my artist and calmest character ever honestly I don't think anything fazes this kid. She also doesn't have a fixed sleeping schedule so you'll find her everywhere around campus with her drawing material at all sorts of odd times. Handy if your character takes an midnight stroll and suddenly sees this silhouette sitting right beside him/her. But remember, she was there first. xD

Really, she's a peacemaker and with her powers, an effective one too, so if you've got any arguments you want to break up, Sol's for ya.

» she's got exploding erasers
» she fears amnesia
» very independent
» needs very little sleep

Anyone actually. She's the type to go along with any plan you want if someone needs her. Making armour? She'll hold the structure steady as you fix the joints. Swordfighting partner? She'll go on until you need to stop. Robbing a bank? She'll be there to tell you that the door opens outward and not inward.

A hephy camper who makes her exploding erasers. Maybe s/he would be experimenting with greek fire and Sol would approach and s/he would go all what do you want to explode and she'd like rummage through her pockets and come up with an assortment of erasers like heck why not and when she runs out becomes a habitual thing.

Someone who appreciates the little things in life, and they can spend afternoons just hanging out outdoors in comfort and silence.

I'm also up for any other sort of interesting friendships you suggest.

Maybe someone who she calmed down by playing to their fears. A held grudge.

I'm also up for any other sort of interesting hateships you suggest.

She'll probably get confused at advances like, crap what does this guy want? a drawing? food?

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