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Skins AU

Post by Davis on 2/7/2015, 1:21 pm

mostly just holding this as a thing
i have to go clean the house and deal w/ family buuuuut probably 5-6 people, 100 word post minimum, age minimum of 15. Setting is Bristol, South West England. Characters won't have powers and basically it's a what if they're all normal teenagers growing up going to school together. Plays on whatever dysfunctionality/drama appears in their life (dealing with split parents, alcohol abuse, coming out, a mental disorder, etc.) Material will obviously have to be softened to fit with the site guidelines, but essentially this will take place in the universe of skins where each student takes sixth form together and explore various sorts of relations with one another.

Spencer Marx (F)- An american moved to Bristol recently, abiding with reluctance to her mother's will.
Morgan (F)- ?

we want a relatively even number of boys, girls, & NB characters, and it is not first come first serve to join; morgan and i will discuss it.

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