David Garrett Appreciation Topic

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David Garrett Appreciation Topic

Post by muse on 2/23/2015, 8:15 pm

david garrett appreciation eternity um yes
ignore the videos except for the 5th because i want to know what you think about it
i hope these all work it'd be really awkward if they didn't

Smooth Criminal

Beethoven's 5th

fun fact: that one's my skating music and i like it very much


Viva La Vida

These ones get really really pretty

Who Wants to Live Forever

November Rain


ready ready it gets fast again

Hungarian Dance

slow and pretty again


have i mentioned he's a pirate because i really like it

He's a Pirate

okay okay i'm done now but just check out his youtube mix because he's really good and epic and he can play really well and i just really really like his music
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