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Post by Rhyolo on 3/6/2015, 11:17 am

Name: Cole Knight
Age: 15
Gender: male
Eyes: ice blue
Hair: black and kept in dreads
Body Type: Cole works out and shows it, don't try to cross him in a fight.
Skin Color: Moca brown
God Parent: Thantos
Mortal Parent: Clara Knight
Country of Origin: Switzerland
Pets: small Hellhound named Nero
Talents: Cole is very good at writing and keeps a journal of his writings but refuses to show it to anyone, not even his siblings.
Weapon**: a double ended blade with Stygian Iron blades(looks like Darth Maul’s light saber except its swords instead of a light saber)
dark and brooding
quiet in a crowd
doesn’t particularly care for people

Migraines that hit at random
anti social(fatal flaw)
social smoker
he’s color blind

Powers(must relate to god parent; optional):He can shadow travel a maximum of fifteen miles from where he stands up to fifteen times a day with a half hour cool down between turns. He can also summon five dead warriors to control for a total of ten minutes five times a day with an hour cool down between uses but has a day of rest if he summons all the warriors he can in a single day.
Life Before Camp*: Cole grew up in the streets of New York with his mother and fellow ‘misfits’ as he put it. Growing up in the streets with only his mother and other young kids was an odd way for a son of Thantos to grow up but he really didn’t mind it at all. Some of the other kids were ‘gifted’ like him and he made friends with a girl named Cheris who was the oldest of the Misfits and was sort of the leader of them all. She kept everyone safe and could perform a very intricate magic that made a sphere around her made out of something that looked to be diamonds but the rest of the kids could pass through, nobody else could though. One day Cheris left them all but before doing so told Cole to go with her to a place called Camp Halfblood to be safe from all the bad people in the world. Cole, having lost his mother to illness three years prior, agreed and the two of them snuck away in the dead of night to go to the camp in Long Island.
(Cheris is a character Nerissa is making and she said I could incorporate her into Cole’s history. She’ll explain how Cheris knew about camp in her history.)
RP Example*: Cole walked through camp with his hands shoved in his black jeans, at least he thought they were black, and his double-edged sword hanging on his belt loop with both ends retracted. This was Hell, even if hell started to seem more and more welcoming than the camp. It sucked being color blind and he was sick of getting made fun of because of it, so he simply stopped talking. His mother freaked when he went a whole year without uttering a word. As the son of Thantos walked into the Mess Hall he sat with the only other person at camp he knew besides Cheris, his older half sister Lena Duchannes.
Any notes about your characters: nada

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Re: yo

Post by Kendall on 3/6/2015, 11:48 am

How small is his hellhound? Can it shadow-travel?

Does he have any more talents?

Add more to the personality.

- Our power limit system is now done in terms of posts, such as "he can control dead skeletons for 3 posts and needs a cool down time of 8 posts". Please turn your power limits into this.

- Who is Cheris going to be the child of?
- Did nothing happen to Cole after his mother died? No social services arrived to take him to foster care/an orphanage?
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