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~ Mary Elizabeth Lutes.


~ Mary is a female.

Mortal Family:

~ Mary's father is Marcus Lutes, a forty something year old man with graying short black hair and dark blue eyes. Marcus owns a ski resort in Manitoba, Canada. He can be defined as a workaholic. He spends most of his days in meetings and at work parties. When he is at home, he is always on his phone, doing phone conferences and the like. Mary barely knows her father because of this. She was mostly raised by her step-mother and older step-sister.

~ Mary's step-mother is Stephanie Lutes, a thirty eight year old woman with darker blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Stephanie loves kids and works at a preschool in Winnipeg. Mary's father married Stephanie when Mary was only two, and along with a new step-mother also came a new step-sister. Stephanie thinks of both girls as her pride and joy, and would do anything for either of them, very much unlike Marcus. The only reason Stephanie is still with Marcus is because of Mary.

~ Mary's older step-sister is Kate Lutes. Kate is four years older then Mary, making her currently twenty. When Stephanie couldn't be around, Kate was like Mary's mother. Any advice Mary needed, about mostly anything, Kate would gladly try her best to help her. Kate has her deceased father's dark brown her but her mother's bright blue eyes. Kate is currently attending the University of Winnipeg's English/Language Arts program.

God Parent:

~ Her godly parent is Khione, Greek goddess of snow.

Date of Birth:

~ February Second, Nineteen Ninety Nine.

Place of Birth:

~ Her exact place of birth is unknown, but she does know it was somewhere around Manitoba (Canada) because she was only an hour or two old when she was dropped off at her father's home is Winnipeg.

Hometown/Last Residence:

~ Mary was raised her entire life in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), up until the day she left for Camp Half Blood.


~ Mary is Greek from her mother, and partly French from her father.


~ Mary has a moderately strong Canadian accent.

Skin Tone:

~ Mary is very pale considering the amount of time she spends outside.

Eye Color:

~ Mary has deep brown eyes, which are definitely from her mother.  

Hair Color:

~ Mary has dark brown, almost black hair.

Hair Length:

~ Mary's hair is just past her shoulders in length.


~ Mary is five feet, five inches tall.


~ Due to her struggles with eating disorders, Mary is quite thin. She weighs ninety seven pounds.

Body Type:

~ Mary has a very thin, petite frame that makes her look very fragile.


~ Mary's thin body is usually dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. Her usually messy brown hair is almost always pulled into a effortless bun or covered up by a hat of some sort. She is always wearing her now very dirty pair of converse. She wears little to no makeup. She dresses like this mostly because its comfortable and she's not one to really care about her appearance. But a small part of her effortless wardrobe is due to the fact that she doesn't like to draw attention to herself. If you passed Mary on a normal day, she would probably be carrying a pad of paper with a pencil behind her ear and her head kept down. She would hope you wouldn't take much interest in her and ignore her.


~ Mary is not much of a fighter, but for emergencies and such she uses an oak bow with eighteen celestial bronze tipped arrows.


~ Mary doesn't really like to wear armor, but if she had to wear it, it would just be the standard camp half blood bronze armor.


~ Mary has a three year old black and white male husky named Jack.


~ Mary is an amazing artist. Just give her a pencil and a pad of paper and you wouldn't see her all day. Don't expect her to show you though. She's very shy about her work.

~ Mary, although she doesn't really enjoy combat, is an amazing archer.

~ Mary is an exceptional chef, she learned how to cook when the rest of the family couldn't be there to make her something to eat.

Personality Flaws:

~ Mary is very antisocial. Attention from people she doesn't know very well has always just freaked her out.

~ Mary tends to always be very stressed out, due to her antisocial troubles and the frustration she encounters because of her dyslexia.

~ Mary is very emotional. Just the littlest thing can send her into a fit of tears.

Physical Flaws:

~ Mary has scars on her ankles from when she used to hurt herself. She hasn't cut for two years now, but the scars will not fade for a long time.

~ Mary also has a six inch long scar on her upper arm from her travels on the way to camp.


~ Her strengths include drawing, creative thinking and her ability to get stuff done by herself.


~ Her weaknesses include her shyness, which makes it very hard to work with others and build relationships. They also include her tendency to get very emotional if something does not go they way she intended too. She gets embarrassed very easily.


~ Mary likes pencil drawing, pottery (although she isn't that good), reading, animals, quiet areas and swimming.


~ Mary dislikes large groups of people, avocados, her father and school.


~ Mary fears heights, sharks, spiders and public speaking.


~ As said before, Mary is very shy. People have a lot of trouble getting to know her. The few people who do know her well (Her step-sister and step-mother mostly) know that she is a very kind-hearted, sweet girl. She always is trying to find a way in her head to solve everyone's problems, but if they involve confronting someone, she barely ever executes it. Mary is also very insecure. She doesn't feel any confidence in her drawing skills, even though they are excellent. She also worries a lot about what people think about her. She appears very gloomy most of the time.


~ Mary has one smaller power. She can create mini snow flurries in her hands. They can only usually grow to the size of a basketball maximum. Usually Mary just keeps them close to the size of tennis ball, and since the power is pretty useless to her, she only does it when she's bored. She can do this a few times of day, mostly depending on how much she ate that day or how well she slept the night before.

Social Status:

~ Mary has always and probably will continue to be known as antisocial artsy girl. She has no friends, in Canada or Camp Half Blood.

Summer or Year Rounder:

~ Mary is a year rounder at Camp Half Blood.

Years at Camp:

~ Mary has been at camp for one year.

Life Before Camp:

Role-playing Example:
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