Tobia Brown WIP

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Tobia Brown WIP

Post by Samus on 3/22/2015, 8:01 pm


Name: Tobia Brown (She prefers to go by Toby)
Age: 14
Gender:  Female
Eyes: Dark brown, almost black, though she is almost blind. (She was born that way)
Hair: Due to a genetic mutation at birth, she lost all of her hair pigment, so it's white. (She dyed it black in some areas also)
Height: 5' 5"
Body Type: Thin and weak
Skin Color: She has a farmer's tan due to where she grew up, but otherwise it is very pale.
God Parent: Pyriphlegethon
Mortal Parent: Adelhejd Brown
Country of Origin: Tobago, one of the 2 islands that make up the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. (But she is of Nordic descent on the non-godly side)
Pets: None
Talents: She plays electric guitar pretty well, she can draw Anime amazingly, and cooks a mean Tamale.
Weapon: A small knife made of Celestial bronze, about 6 inches long, though she never uses it unless it's an emergency.
Personality: She has a lighter personality than most in her cabin, but is still right around that area. She's not the kind of person that people would like to hang out with to lift their spirits, but when people actually do hang around with her, she can get clingy and will end up trusting them more than she should (or more than other people would). So when people break he trust or leave and never come back, it breaks her apart.
Flaws: She's mostly blind, she's extremely antisocial, and overtrusting.
Abilities: What's the difference between an ability and a power?
Powers: She has control over fire (a little bit more than her siblings). The more emotional she gets, the stronger the fire is. If she's raging, the power lasts for 5 minutes, has a cooldown time of 20 minutes, and she can blast fire from her hands that can reach up to 10-15 feet away. If she's just practicing, the power is sliced into a third of what it is (the time it lasts stays the same, but the cooldown time is 8 minutes and the fire only reaches up to 5-7 feet away.)
Life Before Camp: Toby was born in the average port city family in Scarborough, Tobago. They took a boat to New York to escape debt and some ba enemies that her mother had made. When Toby turned 12, her mother and herself were diagnosed with liver cancer, and though Toby made it through alive ( leaving her in her current crippled and weak state), her mother didn't, and Toby moved out on the streets. She made money at the local coffee shop in her area and went to school as if she still had a family. When she turned 12, she met a satyr (unknowingly) in school and they became friends. Then the attacks happened. There were Cyclopes, sphinxes, harpies and all the rest, forcing Toby to go to Camp Half Blood.
RP Example:
Any notes about your characters:
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