Give me ALL the RPs...please.

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Give me ALL the RPs...please.

Post by Aura_Silvershoe on 3/25/2015, 11:45 am


The names Aura Silvershoe according to my account name. But you can call me Aura, Silver, Silvershoe or porpoiseface if it takes your fancy. Doesn't matter to me! It's a pleasure to meetcha! Even though we haven't formally met yet, or even talked I must're quite dashing! Wow...uhm...sorry there. Getting a bit too forward aren't I? Ahem...back on track here. Let's get past all this nonsense shall we? Let's get right into the meat and potatoes!

Welcome one and all to my delightful (Hopefully.) Little piece of roleplay search heaven. A respite from the deep, dark and rather spooky corners of other roleplays. I'm looking for a large range of different roleplays and have a few interesting characters to offer. For now though I think this suffices for an intro. On to the characters! I've got two current choices for roleplay, both of which I enjoy equally.

Aurora Perrodon

First up is Aurora for your viewing pleasure! A daughter of Ares who is the complete opposite of almost all her siblings.

Serrah Hawthorne

Second in the roster is Serrah Hawthorne! A daughter of Aphrodite with a heart of gold and a hidden secret.

So then! If you've got any interest in roleplaying. Do feel free to post here or PM me ^_^

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