there's a monster in the mirror

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there's a monster in the mirror

Post by beanie on 4/22/2015, 6:05 pm

"People used to say that the devil would come back reborn. Little did they know, they were talking about me"

Name: Emma Diablo. Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue. Not that sweet though, since Diablo is Spanish for devil.

Gender: A cis female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, leaning more to the homosexual side.

Mortal Parent: Emma doesn't know who her birth father is. The world hasn't seen Ricardo Diablo ever since he walked out on Lethe when she told him that she was pregnant with Emma. He was not ready for a child, for he was only an Australian travel guide that does not bring in much income. Emma hate her father though for abandoning her those many years ago. He could be dead for all she cared. If anyone has seen Emma and Ricardo stand side by side, they would have said that Emma was a spitting image of her father, minus the eyes.

God Parent: Lethe, goddess of forgetfulness and underworld river of oblivion. Lethe had originally met Ricardo while she was wandering Australia, forgetting why she was there in the first place. Ricardo showed Lethe a good hotel to stay at and the two kept in touch after. They had a couple dates and 2 months later Lethe was pregnant with Emma. And we all know the story from there.

Date of Birth: August 10th, 1998. Which means she's 16 going on 17.

Place of Birth: Lethe refused to leave Australia while she was pregnant with Emma. It wasn't until she was 7 moths pregnant that she felt that she should be in a safer place. Lethe returned to Olympus and two moths later she had Emma. On a forged birth certificate it says that Emma was born in Sydney, Australia though.

Hometown/Last Residence: Instead of returning to Sydney, Lethe left Emma on a doorstep of a local orphanage in Boston. Emma has grown up there since. Originally though, Lethe had forgotten that Emma is Australian and thought that Emma was born in Boston.

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