Drew Carter- Son of Apollo [WIP] Done and needs edits

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Drew Carter- Son of Apollo [WIP] Done and needs edits

Post by AllisonFerren on 4/24/2015, 2:57 am

Name: Drew Carter

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Eyes: Tealish blue

Hair: Brown

Height: 5'8''

Body Type: Between ectomorph and mesomorph

Skin Color: A pale white

God Parent: Apollo

Mortal Parent: Marie Carter

Country of Origin: Scotland, now lives in Britain

Pets: No pets

Talents: Music, making people feel better quickly, doesn't lie much unless very necessary. Also good with horses.

Weapon**: A bow made of rosewood with sun symbols carved into it with Celestial Bronze arrows.

Drew is thoughtful but in some instances doesn't care about how other people are feeling. Can be insensitive without realizing it. He has an open heart when he lets himself. He doesn't talk to people when he is listening to music. He has a very geeky half smile which he uses often. He is flirty when he wants to be. He's sweet and romantic and honest. Lying is not his best quality and he doesn't do it often. As long as you are interested for a short amount of time, he opens up and stops being shy. If he gets close to someone then he makes sure they don't get hurt, no matter what. He can be a little bipolar due to traumatic events in his past.

Flaws: Shy, Stubborn, Falls in and out of love very easily, rebellious and bites his finger nails.

Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): Good with horses, falls in / out of love easily and talented with many musical gifts, such as playing the lyre, guitar, piano, ukulele, and singing.

Life Before Camp*:
Drew was born on a horse ranch in Scotland, where his mother worked. It was near the coast although Drew only learned how to swim at age 10. Marie spent her life trying to hide Drew from monsters and made him clean out the stalls and wash the horses. When she died when Drew turned 12 due to a stampede of horses during a thunderstorm. A grown demi-god who gave them shelter 12 years before, the owner of the horse ranch, brought him to Camp Half-Blood and read to him his mother's will. He didn't want to talk to anyone when he walked into camp and headed straight to Apollo's cabin after he overheard another demi-god saying where it was. He doesn't remember this and it's mostly just a blur. He gets uncomfortable talking about it.

RP Example*:
Drew took off his headphones and set them on the back of his neck. He stretched his back and looked around the empty cabin. Everyone else had gone to bonfire night while he stayed in making music. He was hungry though so he decided to join the rest of the group. He took off his headphones, stood up and saved his work on his computer. Then he looked in the mirror and tried to fix his hair, but it forever remained messy. He sighed and walked out not super excited about all the noise.

More Pictures:


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