Rachelle Cordell- Daughter of Elpis (Hope) - [WIP]

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Rachelle Cordell- Daughter of Elpis (Hope) - [WIP]

Post by AllisonFerren on 4/25/2015, 5:38 am

Name: Rachelle Cordell

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Height: 5'6''

Body Type: Petite but fit

Skin Color: Pale

God Parent: Elpis (Ἐλπίς), spirit of hope (Could Elpis count as a god? http://greekmythology.wikia.com/wiki/Elpis)

Mortal Parent: Adrien Cordell

Country of Origin: France. Lives in the US with Aunt and Uncle (Parkstons)

Pets: White rabbit with caramel colored spots.

-Hard Working

Weapon**: Celestial Steal Spear


Rachelle saids never say never. There is nothing that can't be solved, fixed or gotten through. If she doesn't believe these things at any certain point, well you are screwed. She doesn't like picking fights and hates conflict. if she is involved, she carried through with a strong heart. She is perky most of the time and can be dramatic. You can count on her to do whatever you need. She loves to cheer people up and does it often. She's smart...

-Very stubborn
-Bites fingernails
-Scared of spiders

Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional):
-Flower Arranging (Elpis was depicted as a young woman, usually carrying flowers or cornucopia in her hands.)

Life Before Camp*:

Before camp, Rachelle lived with her aunt and uncle. When she was of the age of 3, her father passed away in a car crash. She knew nothing about him until she found a letter in an old book hidden in her suitcase when she was 11. Her aunt, Cordilea Parkston, loved Rachelle. She couldn't get pregnant and so when her oldest brother's little girl needed a guardian, she was the first one to accept. She hadn't told her husband, Marcus about her ideas but eventually he gave in.

The letter was from her father he wrote before she was born, explaining everything. How her mother was very special and that she belonged in a camp where demi-gods lived and trained. Of course she freaked out and showed it to her aunt and uncle. She was expecting them to freak out with her, but they seemed like they knew all along and now it was time to let her go. This was especially hard for her aunt Cordilea who wanted to see Rachelle grow up till she moved out at 18.

Rachelle got mad that they hadn't told her about this and locked herself in her room for a couple days. When she came out she was smiling and all packed.

RP Example*:
I had to keep going. There was no point if I didn't. Marcus's life would have been in vain and I couldn't bear to see that happen. I kept running. My spear had broken a couple miles back. "Stupid weapon" I muttered under my breath. I should have tried daggers or a sword. Maybe even a bow. But no, I chose a spear. Way to go Rachelle. I looked behind me, which I probably shouldn't have. Carly was being eaten by a titan. I looked in horror and kept running. Glassy tears flew behind me. Both of my best friends dead in less than an hour. I had to get back to camp. Or-or else no one would know how brave they where. My feet sped up and I managed to see Thalia's tree up ahead.


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