I don't bite!

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I don't bite!

Post by ExtremelyCasual on 5/31/2015, 10:57 pm

Writing with Casual

They call me ExtremelyCasual! I'm 22 and living in Alexandria Virginia, right outside of Washington DC. I work as a bartender part time, and am working on getting a novel published. I'm also mildly experienced with photoshop, and other forms of art. I enjoy works of fiction and fantasy, as well as popular culture, anime, and video games. My characters might seem a little intimidating and...sometimes mean, but I assure you, I myself am not.

I've have about 8 years of RPing under my belt, most of it under the Kingdom Hearts community. I was a veteran member of kingdomhearts.forumotion.net before it went under, was the owner of FFWORLDZCOM.forumotion.net before it (also) went under, and am presently the head of the Lore Staff for Mirage Hearts, where I organize the lore, keep people in line with it, plan out Raids, and set up Dungeons. Most people from that community know me by my original moniker: Pinky Rose. I was briefly in the proboards community as well, playing characters such as Ansem Seeker of Darkness, Terra, and Mickey Mouse.

My posting style tends to be...well...lengthy. I'll chug out about 300ish+ words on an average day. I feel like if I don't try, I'm insulting the other people working with me and reading. Putting effort into characters, interactions, motivations, and overall story makes everything more entertaining for everybody.

I don't really expect anything from anybody else. I'll roll with whatever is thrown my way. Don't get nervous about posting with my characters.

Face Claim - Brianna Niall : Valkyrie, Marvel Universe

Friendly Neighbors Open, with Dimitri.

Daughter of Tyr, Age 19, Straight

Brianna is a "go where I want, do what I want" kind of girl. She's been on her own for 11 years, having only just recently joined Camp Half-Blood, and doesn't quite fit in with everybody else. Personality-wise, she's a hard lady. She takes no crap, and is about as blunt as a club to the face. I wrote her to be tough, but still kind-hearted and able to laugh and such. The only things she really takes seriously are abiding the law, and surviving--everything else is up for giggles.

Brianna appears distant, mostly because she's yet to make friends. However, when she spends more time with others, she'll start opening up and becoming more of a dynamic character. At the moment, she's hesitant on bonding with others, since she hasn't really been near people for a long, long time, so socially, she's incredibly awkward.

Nothin' here yet!

Nothing here either

Whole buncha nothing.


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