[WIP] Corey Rodd Madigan -- Son of Briareus

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[WIP] Corey Rodd Madigan -- Son of Briareus

Post by Dolorous Edd on 6/1/2015, 11:57 pm

Name: Corey Rodd Madigan. Chooses to go by Rhodey (pronounced as Road-ee).

Nicknames include; Maddie, Ross, Core-man, Madman, and more.

Gender: Male, confused for female very often.

Mortal Parent: Maria Lieta Suarez-Madigan, Corey’s birth mother. As well as Michael Madigan, Corey’s step-father.

God Parent: Briareus, the god of violent sea storms

Date of Birth: December 16, 2001

Place of Birth: Bernice Guerra Municipal Hospital in Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico.

Hometown/Last Residence: For the first three years of Corey’s life, he lived only with his mother in Sabana Guerra, Puerto Rico. Afterwards, his mother married, and they all moved to Tellico Plains, Tennessee.

Race/ethnicity: Corey is a Hispanic Latino, having been raised mostly by his mother.

Accent: Corey learned English as a secondary language, taught mostly by his step-father Michael. As such, he speaks with a not so slight Caribbean accent. He is very emotive when he talks, both with his inflection and his face.

Skin Tone: Slightly tanned, to a tone that one could say looks like dried dirt. He dislikes when anyone points this out.

Eye Color: Corey’s eye color has always been described to him by his mother as a deep dark brown, the color of dark chocolate made right and mud after a hard rain shower.

Hair Color: Corey loves to look at his natural hair color, but he’s always been told by his classmates that he would look far more interesting if he’d just dye it. He has beautiful, aged amber, brown hair. He refuses to let anyone cut it short, and only ever gets enough taken off the tips to get rid of split ends to let it grow faster.

Hair Length: Corey’s hair reaches just over his shoulder blades when he has it braided, and despite that it takes a while to braid it himself, he takes the time every morning to take care of his hair.

Height: Corey clocks in at just a fraction of an inch under five feet and seven inches, and he’s very proud of his less than average height. He doesn’t feel like he misses out on anything just because he’s missing a few inches on other people.

Weight: Corey is a little light, even for his height. He weighs in at just barely 134 pounds. He doesn’t like people that tease him for his frame.

Body Type: Corey’s fairly thin, he’s never done much for his strength. Any workout he does is generally strictly cardio, so he’s got a rather flat stomach.

Appearance: Corey has meticulously braided, amber brown hair, generally draped over his left shoulder. He has dark chocolate brown eyes that he, unfortunately, needs glasses for. His glasses are rimless, oval shaped lenses, connected by a simple wire bridge. His tanned skin has never lost its color, and has actually grown darker as he’s grown older. He generally wears simple rock band t-shirts (such as Breaking Benjamin, Red, Chevelle, A Perfect Circle, etc.) with dark blue jeans.

Weapon: Corey dislikes weapons. For this reasons, he only has a shield and net. His net he found while trying to come to camp. He had run into a small pack of monsters and needed to find some way to survive. Thankfully he was able to grab a net from the monster that was trying to capture him for the night’s dinner, so he used that one to instead capture the other monsters and rummaged around their small camp for anything else and found another net. He kept it coiled up and slung over his shoulder until he got to camp. Once he got to camp, he asked if anyone could enchant the net so it would shrink into a pocket chain when he didn’t need it, and for a shield to properly defend himself with as well. He’s refused to pick up a sword or any other weapon to fight with.

Armor: Corey prefers his armor to be as thick as possible. He hates fighting, but he doesn’t want to get hurt himself. He refuses to attack, instead deciding to wear down his opponents through lengthy battle. He also had the top layer of his armor carved into a trireme floating on top of a field of roses, to symbolize his heritage as a child of Briareus, but also his refusal to truly fight through active means.

Pet(s): Corey doesn’t have any pets that he’s brought to camp, but back home, his parents own a purebred German Shepard and a golden retriever black Labrador mix.

Talents; Corey doesn’t have any outstanding talents to speak of. He’s never noticed any kind of task come with ease.

Skills; Corey’s worked hard to become a skilled net user after finding the net that he uses as a defensive weapon. He’s also worked to keep nimble with his heavier armor.


1 Corey has to wear glasses because of his terrible eyesight. He used to have nearly perfect vision, but one of his monster encounters on his way to camp included being tied up and held over a fire. Smoke got in his eyes and he felt like he would never see properly again.

2 Corey has a limp that he does his best to not show. While he was coming up to camp the first year, he ran into a group of Laistrygonians. When he was trying to run from a Laistrygonian, he tripped over a dead branch and the Laistrygonian ran right over him and stepped on his leg.

3 Corey has a problem believing anyone could be a bad person. He was raised on the idea that everyone has a good side to them, and no matter what, he tries to stick to that ideal.

4 Corey is not very good with remembering names unless he’s known the person for a long time. He’s been known to call people by names that aren’t anywhere close to their real names. He’s very conscientious of this, and doesn’t like when people point it out to him, especially when they yell about it.

5 Corey loves his longtime friends to the point of uncalled for and overbearing loyalty. He’s lost some of his friends because they didn’t feel comfortable and didn’t understand how he felt about them, and as such, he tries to stay away from the friends that he does make, as he doesn’t want to lose any more of his friends.

Strengths: Corey believes his strengths lie in his refusal to fight. He believes, not that he is better than other people for not wanting to fight, but that he has more control than other people. He thinks that his refusal to fight is a portrayal of his refusal to fall to base urges such as fighting. He also sees his cardio as another strength of his, as he feels stamina is far more important than strength.

Weaknesses: Corey knows that his strength is not good and that he is not very good without much strength. He knows that he has problems (Such as his limp and extreme loyalty), but he refuses to acknowledge most of them.

Likes: Corey loves eating food. His favorite things to eat are Chicken, Turkey Legs (such as those hawked at renaissance festivals), and obscure ice cream flavors. He also loves his friends, and can become overly protective of them, even if they’re not around for him to physically protect them. He also enjoys going for jogs and doing cardio workout routines.

Dislikes: Corey doesn’t like when people yell at him, and even more so when his friends are the ones doing it. He doesn’t even like it when his friends yell at each other. He strongly dislikes fighting, and when dragged into one, will only go on the defensive.

Fears: Corey is afraid of having to be confronted by/confront his friends, getting lost at sea, getting stuck in storms, and being struck on the back of his left leg (the same leg that got stepped on by the Laistrygonian he was running from). He also has claustrophobia.

Personality: Corey is a sweet little child that doesn’t deserve to be targeted by monsters, yet as a demigod, is consigned to such a fate. He’s very gentle with the people he knows, and does his best to help whoever he can. Corey has a very ingrained habit of stroking his braid whenever his hands are idle for more than a few minutes.

Abilities: As a child of Briareus, Corey has intuitive knowledge of ships. He understands the workings of small ships and can get a ship ready for sail as long as it doesn’t have multiple masts. If a ship has a second or third mast, Corey’s intuition starts to fail him, making everything seem exponentially more complex. He’s only ever been able to understand single mast ships or smaller.

Powers: Corey inherited no powers from his father.

Social Status: Corey had to be one of the few people from his school that wasn’t popular. Everyone else seemed to know and be best friends with everyone. At least, it seemed that way, considering everyone knew everyone’s business.

Summer or Year Rounder: Corey attends Camp Half Blood only as a summer camper. When the school year rolls around every year, he goes home to be with his family, but he’s become only a homeschooled student. Rather than enroll in school and endanger anyone there, he prefers to stay at home during school time and attempts to stay as low key as possible.

Years at Camp: Corey’s been at camp for two summers, this one being his third. He loves the camp and its relative safety, but he loves family more.

Life Before Camp:
For as long as Corey can remember, he’s lived with his mother wherever they went. He recalls a time when everyone in his neighborhood only spoke Spanish to each other, but knows that that must have been some other home. No one speaks Spanish at his current home except his mother and occasionally his step-father.

At school, Corey mostly kept to himself after losing his two best friends. He thought the three of them would always be together, but apparently the two of them thought he was starting to become overbearing, and so decided to start leaving him out of what they did. He was fine with that, he thought. He could live as a singular person.

When Corey was nine years old, he’d started seeing weirder things. For one, he was positive that he’d seen someone with a tail. He’d seen people get excited over cosplay, and had seen lots of pictures of people in costumes with tails, but he was certain he’d seen someone with a real life tail, one that someone could pull on and not take off.

After the incident where he noticed someone with a tail, he started to see an increasing number of weird oddities. He could swear up and down that he saw someone with wings, but no one around would listen to him when he talked about it. He would stare at someone who seemed to have strangely mismatched legs. One time he was watching as someone well over average height stretched their arms and almost hit three people in the head in a movie theater. Corey was certain of one of two things. Either he was going crazy, or the world was not as he was lead to believe.

When Corey brought up these sights, she was scared. She didn’t seem scared for his sanity, but rather, she started worrying overly much about his safety. She started asking questions regarding the people he’d seen with oddities, such as “Do you know them?” or “Have you ever seen them after the first time” or once even “Was it someone you trust?” All of the questions were confusing Corey, and he’d relayed as much to his mother, as well as answers to all of her questions. The she did something Corey didn’t expect. She started to tell him to pack some of his belongings, telling him not to worry, that everything would be fine.

Corey, of course, listened to his mother, and if she was worried about something, then he’d be hard pressed to think of a reason not to trust what she’d tell him to do. So he started packing as she made a phone call. Overhearing the call, Corey heard one of his shorter teachers on the phone, and heard him yelling some very choice obscenities. He asked his mother as she hung up the phone what that was all about, and was told only “Your history teacher’s going to come over for a bit.” Of course, all this did was confuse Corey more, because he knew that his mother was a faithful person, and never cheated against her husband (although he couldn’t say the same of his step-father since he wasn’t around all too much).

An hour after the phone call, Corey’s history teacher Mr. Grubbins walked through the front door. Corey was always wary around Mr. Grubbins, although he didn’t understand exactly why. The man was nice enough, although very strict as well. He would be far more focused on Corey during classes than any of the other students, and would give pop quizzes that seemed designed specifically to drive Corey crazy. Of course, Corey always did well on them, but that didn’t stop him from thinking the short man was missing a few brain cells.
“Well I suppose it was only a matter of time.” Mr. Grubbins said to Corey’s mother as he walked in. “They always start to attract attention around this time of life.” Corey was confused as to what the two started talking about, and instead of trying to pay attention, decided to finish his packing. Moments later, Mr. Grubbins walked into Corey’s room and looked him over as he usually did during classes. “You remember any of the quizzes I gave you, boy?” The short man asked.

“Of course, all those convoluted mythological questions about who killed who and what monster thwarted what hero and vice versa. What of them?” Corey asked irritably. The response he got was not one he had ever thought to hear.

“Good to know all those lessons weren’t a waste. You’re going to need a lot of that information where you’re headed.”

After about ten more minutes of packing, the teacher decided enough was enough, and told Corey to close up the suit case and told him it was time to leave. Corey zipped the suit case shut, gave his mother a kiss, and promised her he’d be alright. Two seconds later, Mr. Grubbins started dragging Corey out of the house. Once they made it outside and Corey had closed the door, Mr. Grubbins smacked Corey across the calf and admonished him, saying, “You know all the heroes say they’ll be fine right before they leave. You know what happened to most of them!” He started grumbling to himself afterwards, leaving Corey to get his things into the teacher’s car.

As Mr. Grubbins was driving Corey up to New York, keeping the Smoky Mountains on their right, he began to give Corey a small lecture on all the things he needed to know about Camp Half Blood. At a rest stop, the teacher gave Corey a small demonstration of the fact that monsters and heroes and demigods were actual things, not myths and legend. He didn’t seem angry, so much as he was irritated at Corey’s ignorance, although he knew he couldn’t really fault the boy since he didn’t grow up with all the oddities and differences between what was and what seemed to be.

Role-playing Example:

Notes: In Life Before Camp, “Mr. Grubbins”, “The short man”, and “the teacher” are all the same person, just to avoid possible confusion.

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Re: [WIP] Corey Rodd Madigan -- Son of Briareus

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