Major Hogwarts AU Sign-Up!

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Major Hogwarts AU Sign-Up!

Post by Mason on 6/19/2015, 6:29 pm

Who's up for a Hogwarts AU? Alright, so I have a plot. I will say, I used to be on a now-inactive/deleted site where they had this really awesome plot, and I'm going to use it and add my own creativity for this AU, because it was super cool. So yeah, if they ever see this (I'm 99% they won't but) credit to you guyses. Alright, so:

The year is 2015, as it is irl. A long while ago, back in 2002, the entire Potter and Weasley family died in a tragic train wreck. After this, former Death Eaters, and new ones related to the former ones, saw this as an oppurtunity to take over the Wizarding World for themselves. Martin Lestrange, Bellatrix's cousin, and his best friend, Leonidas Crouch, grandson of Barty, started up the DE again together. They first used Polyjuice Potion, and went into the Ministry. They killed the Minister of Magic, and Leonidas used Polyjuice to transform into him (they took lots of his DNA), and hid his body. Leonidas disguised as the Minister let Martin into the school, also using Polyjuice, and killed the now last current Headmaster. After making it look like a mystery, Martin took off as Headmaster, as Leonidas appointed him the position. Martin and Leonidas have now been in their positions for 12 years, and have loyal Death Eaters taking jobs in the Ministry and school.

So, yeah. There we go. Now, the forms to sign up. (Also, I will every so often RP Martin/Leonidas as NPCs, even though they're not my characters, but yeah, can't have a constant MIA headmaster/minister xD)

Name (can be related to canon chars besides Weasley/Potter):
House (leave blank if you want it to be random):
Alliance (Death Eater, Dumbledore's Army, or neutral):
Brief family history:
Extra powers (Animagus, Metamorphagus, and please specify)*:
Classes signed up for (minimum of three, Flying required for first years):
Notes (wand type, parents, pets, anything else to add):
If applying for a position*:
Position: Imao Quidditch Players are 2nd years and up, Quidditch Captains are 6th and 7th years, Prefects are 5th years and up, and Heads (Boy/Girl) are only 7th years.
*Please note that to avoid OP stuff, only one unique power and one position per user, to also have it rare.

Age (adjustments needed of course):
Teaches (class taught):
Alliance: If not a DE, a good explanation of why they were hired/how.
Brief family history:
Extra powers*:

Ministry/Other Positions:
Extra powers*:

Positions/Class list
Minister of Magic
Charms Professor
Flying (required for 1st years)
Runes (3rd years+)
Divination (3rd years+)
Care of Magical Creatures (3rd years+)
Arithmancy (3rd years+)
Magical History
Dueling Club Head (3rd years and up)
Second In Command of the Minister (as well as Third, 4th, 5th)
Alchemy (6th and 7th years only)
Apparition (6th and 7th years only, must be of age
Occlumency (6th and 7th years)
Legilimency (6th and 7th years)
Slytherin Male Prefect (5th years+)
Slyterin Female Prefect ^
Hufflepuff M Prefect^
Hufflepuff F Prefect^
Gryffindor M Prefect
Gryffindor F Prefect
Ravenclaw M Prefect
Ravenclaw F Prefect
Quidditch Captains (6th years and 7th years)
Professional Quidditch Athlete
whatever you can come up with that's at least semi-canon xD

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6 slots

Mystery Box Prizes: 3 monster attacks, a name change, god parent visit

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