Sebastian Sentans - Son of Hephaestus [WIP]

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Sebastian Sentans - Son of Hephaestus [WIP]

Post by Darkair on 6/26/2015, 1:10 am

Name: Sebastian Sentans
Gender: Male
Mortal Parent: Doutzen Sentans (Formerly Doutzen Meller)
God Parent: Hephaestus
Date of Birth: 3/18/1996.
Place of Birth: The Netherlands
Hometown/Last Residence: Zaltbommel, Gelderland, The Netherlands
Race/ethnicity: Dutch
Accent: Dutch
Skin Tone: Irish White naturally, though he's sort of tan now that he's been in camp 5 years.
Eye Color: Yellow-Green
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Little below the shoulders, but curled at the edges so that it's just at the shoulders.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 153.4 lbs, due to the fact that he tends to forget to eat.
Body Type: Thin, but he can lift around 60 or 70 pounds with one hand.
Appearance: He has large ears, though they're not that noticeable when covered by his hair. He doesn't have chiseled features, but he's enough to get a passing glance by some, excepting the children of Aphrodite. He has hairy arms, and stubble, until someone fusses at him for not being clean enough. Wearing glasses most of the time, because he prefers them over contacts, one day they broke. So he has a pair of glasses with a cracked lens in the left side, though for the most part it doesn't hinder his vision./
Weapon: Sebastian has two swords that he uses when he goes into battle, rather than a sword and a shield. They were made specifically for him, by him, so that his hands could fit perfectly around the handle. Others could possibly use them, but it would cause them discomfort.
Armor: Hand-crafted to fit his scull, unlike the camp's 1-size-fits-all strategy, it can change between a traditional helmet, or a more modern helmet, by extending plates in front of the empty spaces. This also applies to his body-armor, somewhat; he can morph it from a traditional Greek suit of armor to a customized, optimized, little-weakspot armor. Most of the time, Chiron makes him wear his Greek armour, though, unless he's going on a quest, in which case, he wears his "High-quality armor".
Pet(s): He has a pet ferret, named Basing, and it can usually be seen by his side or on his shoulders. His ferret has a special place in the Hephaestus bunk, though, so if it's not near him, it's always there.
Skills/Talents: Apart from being a great builder, tinkerer, and all other traits that he inherits from Hephaestus, he's good at the Violin. Odd, yes, but impossible? No. Anyone can play an instrument; well, unless you have a curse, but he doesn't. Probably.
Flaws: He cannot use a shield. Chiron tried to teach him, Quintus tried to teach him, but in the end he just can't use a shield. He drops it, over and over again. Sebastian also has bad eyesight, and that can hinder him at times. He normally wears glasses around, for the looks, and if he loses them (while not having his helmet, or a spare pair of glasses around), he can't see farther than 3 feet in front of his face.
Weaknesses:He's very, very shy. Possibly just a trait of his godly parent, but he doesn't like anyone, except for maybe a few friends that he keeps in a small circle of max five or six. He can't-- no, won't listen. Some would call that a strength, but if he is given clear orders, many times he will disobey them. He's too loyal, and too trusting. Again, some people would call that a strength, but he will do anything to get a good reputation of whatever few people he cares about getting a reputation from, which brings me to the next one; Sebastian doesn't care what most people think of him, so he wears whatever he finds. He's usually wearing a blacksmith apron, though, so he only gets an occasional snicker.
Likes: Being alone, for one. Darkstep, Dubstep, Making things (obviously), He prefers blackberry jam over grape jelly, Grapes, Chocolate-covered raisins, Drawing, Humming, making other people think he's more odd than he is.
Social Status: Reputation for being the dorky, shy guy who carries around a journal and a drawing book.
Summer or Year Rounder: Year-Rounder. Otherwise he'd have to move back to his homeland of the Netherlands for, what, 6 months? He takes off a week for Christmas, to go home to his family, and that's it.
Years at Camp: 5
Life Before Camp: He had a relatively normal life. He was a bit poor, so he didn't get much for things like Christmas, but he was happy. He had an overwhelming need to have Legos, Kinex, or something to build with, so he'd get around 3 at a time, and make whatever he could by building them together.
Role-playing Example:

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Re: Sebastian Sentans - Son of Hephaestus [WIP]

Post by Kwacken on 6/26/2015, 6:11 pm

Moved to WIP section.

Weapons which other people cannot use is probably not a good idea, and would take a lot more detail to convince me to allow them.
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