Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

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Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

Post by Sammy on 7/3/2015, 12:24 pm

Vinny had just gotten back to Camp Jupiter a few days ago, and was still tired as hell. She was happy to be done with the entire prom-picture rage at the other camp, and had been planning on take a rare day off to just go to her lessons, train, and hang out in New Rome a bit. Maybe even do some free lance stuff. She hadn't don't any of that in months. Everything had been pet photography and wedding photos and prom pictures and constant work for a while now. Not that she minded all that much, it kept her busy, and kept her mind from drifting. Lately, though, her stress had been getting to her. She had spent probably fifteen minutes last night just pulling and yanking at her hair without even realizing it. She'd been forced to take her tangle with her and play around with it in order to keep her from touching her uneven mane. In other words, she wasn't in great shape.

Anyway, her plan for relaxation hadn't exactly gone as planned. She hated last minute changes to her schedule, but someone had wanted a picture of the shops down the Via Praetoria, and they were willing to pay well. They'd left her with pretty much no choice, which is why she stood to the side of the street, her camera in front of her, her bag, a coffee, and her emergency kit (consisting of a tangle, a piece of rope, and gum in a small pencil case) on the ground to her left.

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Re: Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

Post by Kwacken on 7/3/2015, 4:15 pm

Ronald walked along the Via Praetoia, not really doing anything for any great reason. He had just finished his shift as quartermaster. Everything was in order there. He knew. He had checked three times. Manually recounting everything inventory and putting it in it's proper place.

The smalll teen boy rubbed his neck uneasily, wondering if he should shower again before dinner. Then he got distracted, a welcome distraction, by seeing Vinny. He smiled. She was one of the few people who understood he wasn't intentionally an @sshole. It was just anxiety and compulsions. "Vinny! What are we taking pictures of today?"
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