F*ck you! WIP

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F*ck you! WIP

Post by Green on 7/5/2015, 10:42 pm


Name: Phoebe Verum. She either goes by "P Daddy", Phoebes, or P.H.
Gender: Female
Mortal Parent: Her mother is Marian  Verum
God Parent: Deimos, Greek god of Terror
Date of Birth: Phoebe was born on October 1st, 1997
Place of Birth: In Great Britain before her mother moved them to Tampa, Florida when she was eleven years old.
Hometown/Last Residence: Marian moved from Tampa to Rochester, New York. Phoebe was fifteen when they moved.
Race/ethnicity: Phoebe is British with Scottish, Russian, and a little Moroccan.
Accent: You can tell that Phoebe has a British accent
Skin Tone: Her skin tone is fair, a bit tanner in the summer.
Eye Color:  The color of her eyes are blush-green.
Hair Color: Hair color? Pitch Black
Hair Length: Short and kept to one side.
Height: 6'1
Weight: 149
Body Type: Phoebe has a lean, yet alethic body type.
Appearance: This daughter of Deimos' attire usually consists of red, blacks, and dark purples. On regular days, she might decide to wear something like this. She doesn't like to wear girly girl clothes and hates the idea of dresses. She told herself that she would never want to put on something so "traditional". Phoebe enjoys tank tops, skinny black jeans, and her black leather jacket that she got for her thirteenth birthday. The only type of makeup that she wears is mascara and red lip stick. And that is on good days.
What She's Packing

Weapon: Her weaponry is designed for close combat. Her celestial bronze brass knuckles.  
Armor: Her armor isn't anything special, just standard Camp Half-Blood fighting attire.
Fear? What's that again?: With Phoebe's father being the god of terror, she is immune to the feeling of both fear and terror.
I Know What You did Last Summer: Whoever Phoebe is in a five foot radius of, she can sense the person's fear as well as how someone can cope with that fear.
Talking to da Birds: Phoebe can converse with crows.
Fight me!: With her father being a war god, Phoebe has the innate ability to proficient in most combat styled fighting.
You Smell that? I think it's fear: Phoebe gives off an aura that makes people around her slightly afraid of her. The person must be within three feet of her.

Terrorizing: Phoebe has the power to cause panic and fear to run rampant. However the group she is terrorizing must be in a twenty foot radius of her. The panic lasts for five posts with a nine post cool down. The way this power can be resisted is if the group of people spread out since terror is more for groups of people than individuals. The group must consist of three people. The largest group she can affect is seven. Those who are children of war have a some resistance against this power.

Panic-lust: When there is panic, fear, or terror around, she has the power to feed on the energy. She becomes 30% stronger. This 'high' lasts for three posts.

Sh!t About Her
Pet(s): None, but she has always wanted a German Shepard.
Fighting: Phoebe is a skilled hand to hand combat fighter. She enjoys being able to fight with her fists instead of with swords and shields.

Social Status: This daughter of Deimos doesn't really have a lot of friends. Outside of her half-sister, Falko, Phoebe has maybe...three? four friends? It doesn't really bother her all that much.
Summer or Year Rounder: Phoebe is a year rounder.
Years at Camp: She has been at camp ever sense she was the age of thirteen.
Life Before Camp:
Role-playing Example: Phoebe laced her black combats boots and shrugged on her leather jacket before walking out of the Minor War Gods Cabin. She was headed to the arena to practice with her celestial bronze brass knuckles. She would usually pair with some of the Ares' kids like Chaira, Conan, or Evander, but today she decided to pick on some of the other demigods at camp. Of course, by most, she was known as a bully, but she didn't care. Actually, that was the last thing she cared about. People's thoughts. Urgh, just like butts. Everyone had one and the only thing that came out of their mouths were pure sh- "Oh, wassup." The daughter of Deimos nodded to one of her cabin mates before turning the corner into the sword fighting section of the arena. "So who am I going to fu*k up today?!" She shouted, spinning around in a circle with her arms raised. "Come on! I know one of you guys here can take me on!"
"Yeah, I'll take you on." Said a stucky teenage boy who was around six foot two.
A grin came across her face and shook her hands loose. "Alright, giant. Let's see what you got."
Notes: Phoebe's faceclaim is Ruby Rose
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