the beauty queen with the prettiest eyes {w i p}

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the beauty queen with the prettiest eyes {w i p}

Post by beanie on 7/10/2015, 4:54 pm

"I have no times for regret. Only for fun."

Name: That would be Niamh Dylia O'Malley. Her first name means radiance, luster, or shine, which is quite fitting for the little blonde. It was her mother's idea to give it to her that name.

Gender: A cis female

Sexual Orientation: Niamh is heterosexual but she doesn't really have anything against homo's either.

Mortal Parent: A young man named Fergus O'Malley. He honestly looks nothing like Niamh, while he sports a bush of red hair and grey eyes. Their personalities clash as well, for he is a ill-tempered man with zero patience. She doesn't really like her father. She thinks he's a wet blanket who cares more about his job as a lawyer than his own family.

Mortal Family:
+Thomas O'Malley: age of 23 years old- Thomas is her older brother, who has been more of a father than their actual father. Originally, Thomas was born of Fergus's girlfriend before Niamh's mother came into the picture. The girlfriend abandoned Thomas as soon as he was born, leaving Fergus to care for the baby. Luckily though, Thomas is a lot nicer than Fergus and an amazing older brother to little Niamh.
+Caroline La Fete: age of 43 years old- Caroline is French beauty that was Fergus's wife and last lover after Niamh was born. She was originally in Dublin for work when she met Fergus and they grown to like each other. She is of course a second mother to Niamh and a third to Thomas, but she treats like they were her first children.

God Parent: Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and procreation. Aphrodite was dealing with some goddess issues in Dublin went bumped into Fergus on the street. Literally, she bumped into his back and made him drop all of his belongings. She had helped him pick them up and he was struck with her beauty that he asked her to dinner. They were together for almost a year when Aphrodite told him she was pregnant.

Date of Birth: March 9th, 2000, meaning she's 15. It was a wet morning.

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