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Post by jake. on 7/15/2015, 8:19 am

file number; 4248 a-f

l o a d i n g-......

name of subject: cameron montana martinez
age of subject: seventeen.
birthdate: january third, nineteen-ninety-eight.
family details:
- gabriella jasmine martinez: deceased / unknown whereabouts. five foot five, ectomorph-like body. brown hair that goes down to jaw. light grey eyes. mother of subject. fourty-four.
- aliah anouk martinez: last seen around north carolina. five foot four, ectomorph-like body, dirty blonde hair that goes down to shoulders. sister of subject. fifteen.

immortal parent: deimos, god of terror and panic.

hair colour: dark brown with odd streaks of blonde, giving his hair the 'skunk' look. without gel or wax it goes down to his chin.
eye colour: light grey, similar to his mother.
body type:

pets: hunting dog / irish setter named beau, or nicknamed 'bee.' last seen on a hunting trip with subject and sister's subject.
weapon of choice: wooden shortbow (oak) with traditional carvings imprinted into it, supposedly irish or british. sheath of arrows made of modern, lightweight steel, found in camp half-blood. contains twelve arrows that appear magically back in the sheath after one minute.
talents:known to be a good liar, can weasel out of uncomfortable situations easily and without a problem. good hunter, handy with most long-distance weapons such as javelins or throwing knives, however he fails to persevere close-range fighting, as where he has accuracy, he lacks strength.
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