girls that run with wolves shouldn't be falling in love {w i p}

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girls that run with wolves shouldn't be falling in love {w i p}

Post by beanie on 7/29/2015, 1:21 pm

Name: On the papers in the child care office, it says Alisa Thom. People just call her Ali. No special meaning behind her name, her mother just liked the way it sounded.

Age: She was born on November 4, 1998. This makes her 17 years old.

Gender: Cisexual female

Sexual Orientation: Alisa claims to be bi but secretly she's homosexual.

Eyes: They're a mostly green. Not the kind of vibrant green that reminds you of the tress, or the leaves, or the grass. Alisa's eyes are a the type of green mist you see after the fireworks fired and all was left was a bunch of smoke and mist.

Hair: Long and brown is all that Alisa wants to comment. There's nothing special about her hair, except that it's always messy with small curls.

Height: 5'9

Body Type: Scrawny, for she doesnt eat properly all the time.

Skin Color: There's a faint glimpse of color on her face but it's still there.

God Parent:

Mortal Parent: A lady named Martha Thom. She dead and Ali doesn't really wish to talk about her.

Country of Origin: The orphanage in Glasgow, Scotland. The bad side of Glasgow.

Pets: Pets were not allowed back in the orphanage but Alisa has always dreamed of having a dog. A big, slobbery one that bites and growls when threatened. Her foster father never approved of animals, no matter how smiley he was.

+Alis pretty good behind the wheel. More will be revealed later.
+Alisa used to work at a car mechanic shop during the summer so she knows her way around cars.
+It's a secret but Ali's secretly a gymnast. No one needs to know.

Weapon: Alisa always enjoyed feeling the faces of her opponents on her fists but she can fist fight against monsters. Ali
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional):
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional):
Life Before Camp*:
RP Example*:
Any notes about your characters:
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