Demigod Application

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Demigod Application

Post by Mikey_bolts on 8/30/2015, 3:00 pm

Name: Bryan Evans
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Height: 4"11
Body Type: Average
Skin Color: White w/ a tan
God Parent: Apollo
Mortal Parent: Kathy Evans
Country of Origin: New York
Pets: None
Talents: Really good eyesight
Weapon**: A bow with greek writing at it's grip.
Personality: Courageous, Smart, Kind, Untrusting, Resourceful, Over-reactive, and Careful.
Flaws: Untrusting to others, Can't give up his friends, Time consumer when taking shots.
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): Always seems have an infinite source of arrows.
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional): Blessed with great accuracy. 3 shots never miss. Five shot cooldown.
Life Before Camp*: My mom was always overprotective of me. Now that I'm a half-blood, I now understand why she never let him go alone. At school, I wasn't doing so good. D's and F's were really common. It wasn't my fault! I had ADHD. The moment when a demon attacked during lunch was unsettling. Luckily, My best friend Nick, Turned out to be a satyr. Now I owe him. Big time.
RP Example*: I ran and ran. A mysterious monster was chasing me, roaring loudly after I stuck a kitchen knife into him. The trees were shaking from monster's footsteps. I'm pretty sure my ears were bursting from the noise. I saw my friends waiting for me. They quickly got their weapons and charged at the monster. Now, I have a advantage.
Any notes about your character: My character can sometimes be quick to anger but loves his friends.
Note: Edited
P.S What do you mean by post cool downs? :P ( I can be a idiot sometimes )

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Re: Demigod Application

Post by Morgan Landry on 8/30/2015, 4:14 pm


- What do you mean by time consumer?
- Hating being lied to doesn't qualify as a flaw.
- No to the ability, it doesn't pertain to Apollo.
- I'd rather you make those post cool downs and not shot cool downs.

Rest looks good to me :)

P.S.: Instead of re-posting your app several times, simply edit it, then reply to the topic so we know it's ready to check again.
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Re: Demigod Application

Post by Kendall on 9/4/2015, 6:11 pm

When you edit your form please post that you've done so in order to let an approver know it can be checked again.

I don't think having really good eyesight is a talent, unless you mean he's good at focusing his eyes on targets or something along those lines.

What is his bow made of? What kinds of arrows does he have?

For his last flaw, he just takes a long time to fire arrows? How long would he go for in order for this to constitute a flaw?

I'm gonna say no to his ability to have an infinite supply for arrows.

- What if his target is moving? Will his shots never miss then?
- Elaborate more on this. When you say he's blessed that would make an approver think either Apollo blessed him (a no-no unless you mean he inherited the power) or that this could be an ability, since with your current description there's nothing that would make me consider this costs him energy.
- A post cool-down just means the number of posts it takes for him to be able to use a power again. For example, Bob can create a 1 ft wide fireball but you must wait for 4 posts to use it again. The 4 posts is the cool-down.

Life Before Camp:
- Did Apollo tell his mom about his being a god before he left her?
- What kind of demon attacked him before he got to camp? That's a very general term.
- How did he and his satyr friend meet? How did they escape the monster and get to camp?
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Re: Demigod Application

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