we'll be the ones they fear

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we'll be the ones they fear

Post by jake. on 9/20/2015, 8:42 am

Name: malecai ignatius (mall-eh-kaaii) adlersflügel. his surname is odd, but it's a very old one all the same; it means 'eagles wing' and it comes from the german language. even though in german you pronounce it 'aaadlerrs fluueegl' malecai, and everyone else, pronounces it 'addlersflueggl'.

Age: nineteen

Gender: male

Eyes: a steely gray colour, alert and heavily-lidded. long, dark lashes.

Hair: mid-long, golden blonde. goes down to his collarbone.

Height: six foot

Body Type: lean, not very muscular, but still looks dangerous in a menacing, arrogant way. long arms and legs, spindly fingers similar to spiders' legs;  they never stop moving.

Skin Color: caramel coloured, but in winter it can be a bit peaky and pale.

Godly Parent: nike, goddess of victory.

Father: dashiell enoch adlersflügel was a tall, handsome man with arrogant features and short, bleachy-blonde, silvery-graying hair. he was nice enough if you came from a wealthy family, and if you weren't- he was downright unpleasant. he died protecting his two children malecai and harrison (as you could tell, there was a running tradition in the adlersflügel's to name your children very over-the-top, heavily pretentious names) from a hellhound. harrison died with him, leaving malecai a huge fortune and a family honour to uphold.

Country of Origin: westminster, england. he moved to oxford at the age of seven with his family.

- playing cards or poker
- guessing, estimating
- seducing, persuading, lying
- playing with emotions
- controlling others, taking lead occasionally

- he fights mainly with his fists, which is why he has one pair of gloves with one CB blade attatched at each knuckle.
- for emergencies, he has two daggers made of celestial bronze with leather handles.

Pets: malecai has a large affinity for animals, but most of all he likes reptiles, spiders and horses. the first thing he did when arriving at camp, knowing he had inherited all of his fathers' money; he bought himself a wide range of odd pets.
- he has a 'candy' ball python named balthazar, and it's sibling, in a lighter shade, called arcamedis. as you can see, malecai has also inherited his family's knack for old greek, roman or german names.
- he owns a tarantula named igor. he used to have two, but the other one died.

Personality: when you think about the saying 'like father like son' you think it's true, right? well, malecai and his father are pretty alike, but on other aspects they couldn't be more different. malecai enjoys being rich, and enjoys being able to brag about the finer things in life. he and his father agree that if you're poor; you're not worth being in his company, and they also both enjoy the same wine's and whisky's. both had the same love for horses and racing horses, and malecai often travelled around the country or even the world to bid for the fastest or the most beautiful steeds. you could say malecai was dashiell's favorite child, as harrison had none of these traits; he was silent and knew when to keep his mouth shut, and he didn't care if you were wealthy or not.

however, malecai has a rebellious, intelligent streak that his father doesn't have, and is the only reason for dashiell not to absolutely drool over his son's abilities. of course he already adores his son for the likeness between him and his father, but because of his snide remarks towards his father on occasions, there are still some things that his father keeps a secret from him. malecai could've been a nice, sweet kid, if it hadn't been for
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