☾ fly me to the moon ☽

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☾ fly me to the moon ☽

Post by Lunar on 10/18/2015, 10:10 pm

Welcome to my RP Invite!

First off, my characters! Right now, I only have one sweet child o'mine;

Roslyn H. Morlin, Daughter of Apollo:

FC: Dodie Clark
This sweet little bird is Roslyn Harmony Morlin, born to a single mother whom soon took a fiancee a few years later, she doesn't sport the usual golden locks of other Apollo children. Instead, she took after her mother mostly in looks, with doe-like brown eyes and long, wavy brown hair, she looks more like a confused mouse than a ray of sunlight. Standing at 5'2 and weighing a whopping 122 lbs, Roslyn is a very unfit girl. She's skinny, that can be observed, but she physically can't run more than a lap around a track at best. Her clumsiness playing a big role in this, it's quite sad really. Her feet seeming to have it out for her, she can barely walk anywhere without bumping into things or falling flat on her face. Another factor playing into this is having the condition of Genu Varum, also known as 'Bow Legs', although she doesn't have a very serious case, it can still be quite noticeable by how her knees stick out more, making her casual stance looking like her legs making a pretty wide loop. Although she know this fault doesn't define herself, Roslyn can go from 0 to 100 in terms of being embarrassed about her condition, or poking fun at herself for it. It all depends on her mood really.
Being a very quiet girl, Roslyn wouldn't stick out much from the crowd if she didn't have a ukulele practically as a third arm. Ah yes, instead of choosing to strum a normal sized guitar or burst everyone's ear drums by singing opera in the wee hours of the morning, Roslyn decided to choose the path of the little instrument that would surely draw some confused looks her way by how she plucks the chords night and day. Though, she can't belt out loud notes of screamo music, or even long melodic tunes of an opera star, she can chirp out pretty little notes to her favorite songs, and then (and only then) will her voice even dare to raise to a normal *speaking* level. Another odd quirk about her is that she always speaks in soft tones, maybe even a stage whisper if she's feeling particularly excited that day. Not that she likes having such a soft voice, Roslyn's vocal chords seem almost stuck in that volume as if they were shy themselves. Even though her main priority is her precious uke', Roslyn is also adept/decent at guitar, piano, violin, and various other string and woodwind instruments. One of her only 'powers' is a little thing called 'Soothing Music', being taught this song by an unknown source (not Apollo), when Roslyn sings this particular song, it can cause any enemy in her vicinity to immediatly calm down into an almost sedated state for a little while, or until she stops singing.
Although she is quite confident in her playing ability, Roslyn is a very self-conscious person. Her perfectionism playing into this, if she messes up on anything she can be prone to hiding away for days on end in embarrassment and self-pity. Roslyn may also work herself to the bone to even brush perfection in that certain skill, and will refuse to show anyone it until she deems it worthy enough. This unhealthy behavior can cause her to force herself into isolation, which she very much hates. In fact, Roslyn prides herself on being quite extroverted, if not how quiet she most of the time is.  All in all, Roslyn has a heart of gold, and really does enjoy the company of friends and loved ones.

Theme Songs:

  • Roslyn by Bon Iver and St. Vincent

  • Truce by |twenty one pilots|

  • Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine

  • Here's 'Roslyn' (*cough* Dodie my queen *cough*) singing with one of her 'siblings' Song: The Moon Song

My Rp Style:

I like to be fairly literate in my posts, though often times it varies in length. If I'm feeling particularly wordy and/or my muse is strong that day, I'll reach up to about 200-400ish, but if i'm pretty lazy/ and having a bad case of writers block about 100 or so I'd say is my minimum. I often like to match posts, so if you're doing long posts I'll strive to match up with the count. My word count often matches up with the tone of the thread as well, if its a casual one, then it will definitely not be my longest posts.
I'd like to say i'm pretty quick in replying back, but i'm definitely not a perfect person and school has me it it's wretched clutches. I will definitely try to reply within that day, but if I have a butt tone of work load and dance is kicking my butt that day, it might be a few hours later than usual. I don't expect others to have a prompt and quick reply in return, because I know that wouldn't be fair as we all have our load of business outside of forum role playing to take care of. (Though quick reply's would be nice! I just didn't want to say this up front because I don't want to be a hypocrite! cx)

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